Amy Joins Jim's Harem In my, not so humble, opinion there are very few experiences in life as pleasurable as watching the expressions that play across the face of a woman you have deep romantic feelings for, while she is enjoying sexual intercourse with another man she cares for deeply—at least during the time that he’s giving her great sexual pleasure. I find it very difficult to pay close attention to the expressions on the face of a woman, as they change reflecting her inner feelings, when I’m fucking her myself. The physical activity I'm involved in and my own sexual pleasure get in the way far too much, but when another man is fucking her it’s easy to see her enjoyment of the pleasure he’s giving her depicted in the expressions which play across her face as he gives her what she wants, and it’s also plain to see, from the expressions she unconsciously displays on her face, if he’s disappointing her, or he’s failing to fulfill her expectations of his ability to give her pleasure.

I let my identical twin brother, Tony, fuck my wife, Ava, occasionally, not only because I know she enjoys having him fuck her and he really loves to fuck her, but because I really love to watch the expressions on my wife’s face change as she reacts to the sensations Tony’s cock is causing deep inside her pussy. Actually, the pleasure I get from watching her face while she's being fucked, is the main reason I let Tony, and occasionally other men when she finds one she wants, fuck her. I love to see the subtle changes in her face as her internal sexual tension increases as she’s stimulated until her body can’t take it anymore and all the pent up sexual tension breaks free in the form of a massive orgasm that tears through her, making her thrash about and moan.

When she's in the grip of an orgasm, her face becomes a grimace of concentration. Her entire body tenses up, and she stops responding to her lover’s efforts, as the pleasure she's experiencing takes her away from him and everything else around her. Her entire body jerks spasmodically, and she writhes out of control, moaning loudly, in the throes of her orgasm. Then, when her release is complete and she has relaxed enough to speak coherently again, she tells her lover how much he has pleased her and her facial expression plainly shows the depth of her pleasure. It’s easy for me to tell if she’s lying to make a less than adequate lover feel good, as she sometimes does when Tony fucks her. The subtle distortions in her smile tell me she’s not genuinely pleased, even if the verbal praise for her lover is extravagant, but they don't ever notice that she’s lying, because she’s telling them what they want to hear—that they satisfied her completely.

She usually tells me exactly how she really felt about Tony when we're together after he leaves, and I love to relive the really good encounters with her in lurid detail. I actually enjoy sex with her more after I watch her being well fucked by another man, and then listen to her describe for me how he made her feel while he was fucking her, and telling me how much it arouses her for me to watch another man fuck her. The more pleasure he gives her the more I want to give her. I try very hard to give her even more pleasure than he did. I’m usually able to far exceed the pleasure he was able to give to her. I know her very well, much better than even Tony, so I’m almost always able to please her more.