Gerald climbed on the bed and stood behind his sister who was already on her hands and knees waiting for him to enter her. He squatted, leaned forward over her back, and slid the large head of his cock up and down between her inflamed inner labia. Her vulva was slimy with her own secretions mixed with her father’s cum which was still slowly running out of her vaginal opening, down her slit and dripping off her clit onto the bed.

When he felt his cock head lodge in her entrance he pushed forward and she responded by rocking back against his pressure. His cock stretched her pussy painfully. She tensed, grimaced, bit her lower lip and moaned deep in her throat when his cock opened her wide before it slid all the way inside her. He knew it hurt her so he held it still all the way inside her, waiting for her to let him know she was ready for him to fuck her.

He felt her pussy convulsing on his cock shaft and as the contractions became gentler and farther apart she looked back over her shoulder and her grimace slowly changed into a wide smile. She said, “My god Gerald that hurt more than I’d expected. I think your cock is just as big as daddy’s. It felt even bigger. I though it was a little smaller than his but you’re very hard and very big!

“I think that you were thinking about fucking me for so long and then watching daddy fuck me that you got so hard that your cock swelled up so much that it’s at least as big as his now. God it hurt when you went into me but it feels really good now. I actually had a little orgasm like I sometimes do when daddy first goes in me. I’m glad my pussy was still stretched open from daddy’s cock. I think you’d have hurt me more than he does if he hadn’t fucked me first. Go ahead and fuck me hard if you want to. I’ll be Ok.