When he saw Janice, he let out a groan and said, "Oh god, I think I've died and gone to heaven. I can't believe my eyes. Is that really you, Janice? You're even more desirable topless than I expected you'd be. Your body is perfect, and, that bikini bottom makes your ass irresistible. I love the way you did your hair too."

Janice reached down, loosened the lacing on her right hip, and pulled the crotch of the bikini to one side. When he saw her very wet, smoothly shaved pussy, Carl groaned again and said, "Oh god. I know I've died and am surely in heaven with three gorgeous angels. I can only hope and pray that I'm up to the task if the three of you do what I very devoutly pray you're planning to do. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have three gorgeous women all to myself!"

Cindy quickly loosened the lacing on her hip, pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom aside and hugged herself against Carl. She said in a husky voice filled with emotion, I'm ready please fuck me daddy. I want you so much!" Carl was obviously conflicted. He wanted to fuck the beautiful young woman who was begging him to fuck her, but he knew it was Cindy, his youngest daughter, and fucking her would be incest. He thought incest was wrong, but she was irresistible. His resolve to avoid incest was weakening. He wanted her, and her hot skin felt so good against his naked body.

She was doing her best to get his cock into her pussy, but she couldn't get her pussy high enough. Finally Alice said, "Lie down Cindy." When Cindy got on the bed on her back and raised her knees, Alice said, "Now get on top of her and fuck her brains out, Carl. We all know you want her and god knows she wants you. She's been dying for you to fuck her for at least a year. Go ahead, put your cock inside her and fuck her."

Carl got down and crawled between Cindy's knees. She moaned and said, "Oh daddy! I want you so much! Please fuck me. I want you to make me come for you. I want to come on your big cock, and then I want you to come inside me. I want to feel your cock throbbing inside me, shooting your cum deep inside my pussy.

Alice reached in, took Carl's cock in her hand, and moved it up and down in Cindy's slit before she set the tip of it at Cindy's hot wet vaginal entrance, causing her to draw in a deep breath and tense up in anticipation. When he began to slowly push his cock into her very hot and wet pussy, she hissed as pleasure began to radiate from her pussy, when she forced her hips up to meet his thrust, he sank fully inside her. When he was totally encased in her soft woman flesh he groaned and she let out a soft moan. Then they began to move together, and their sounds of pleasure filled the room.

Cindy came quickly. She flushed and then stiffened and became quiet as her orgasm took control of her body, then she cried out and began to whimper and jerk under him as he continued to trust into her hard and deep. Her pussy clenched over and over on his cock making him groan and drive it into her even harder. Several minutes later she came again. She cried out like she had before but then she began to moan loudly as she thrashed under his unrelenting pounding. It was almost anti climactic when she flushed for the third time and came with her father as he drove his cock deep into her, and injected a large load of his cum deep inside her pussy. He made a deep guttural sound as, with a final savage thrust that moved her bodily almost a foot up the bed, he collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

They lay, still tightly coupled, on the bed panting, trying to catch their breath. She was cooing softly and telling him how good he had made her first time having sex with him. She assured him that it had been wonderful for her while he gently caressed her body all over and whispered to her how much he had enjoyed fucking her, and tried to find the right words to tell her what wonderful pleasure she had given him.

Cindy began to sob softly when she realized how well she had satisfied him, and she quietly told him how much she loved him and how she had longed to have sex with him for so long.