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She’d been having sex with him regularly for over six months, ever since she’d let him fuck her during his winter break from school and was already almost three months pregnant with his child. She wanted him again, even though he’d fucked her in the back seat of the car less than an hour ago while they were waiting for Denise to come out of the coffee shop. He slept with her every night, but she never got enough of his cock.

She was thinking about how good his big cock felt moving inside her vagina as she drove toward their house on the edge of town. She tightened her pussy and squirmed in the seat, rubbing her bare pussy against the leather seat making a slimy mess and causing her clit tingle even more and her juice to flow more. She wanted to play with her clit and make herself come, but she was afraid to, because she needed to concentrate on driving.

She often thought about sex with Dennis. It was hard to get the sexual pleasure he gave her out of her mind. Ever since that first time in his bed she’d wanted to be with him all the time. She had been having sex with him often since he came home for the summer.

She’d accidentally, almost on purpose, conceived his child when he came home from college unexpectedly for a visit. She wanted sex with him and didn’t take the time to protect herself. She’d let him ejaculate inside her without protection in the heat of the moment when he told her he was about to come, and she’d let him come inside her many more times during that surprise visit.

She’d let him come inside her that first time without thinking. She’d been carried away by the pleasure he was giving her, and the excitement of being with him unexpectedly that first time he fucked her right after he got home and came inside her. He’d ejaculated a large load of his semen into her before she realized what was happening.

The first time had been an accident, but after that she’d known she was in the fertile time of her cycle and would probably conceive if she let him come inside her pussy. She didn’t care, she let him come inside her everytime he fucked her, and he fucked her many times. She loved to fell his semen jetting into her and she knew he loved to come deep inside her.

She’d recklessly gone without protection during that whole visit, and the result was predictable. He’d impregnated her and she didn’t regret it. She wasn’t really ready to have his child, but she wanted to give him children eventually so it was fine.

Anyway she didn’t need any protection now. She couldn’t get any more pregnant than she was, and she loved having his baby inside her body even though it was beginning to distort her shapely figure. She didn’t care how badly his baby distorted her well preserved figure she loved his child and couldn’t wait to hold it in her arms and let it suckle her full breasts as it grew into a strong healthy child.

She was very content with her life—especially her sex life. Ever since Dennis came home for the summer they’d been acting like a newly married couple. They had slept together in her bed until her daughter, Denise, came home two weeks after Dennis arrived. Since she’d been home he’d slept in his own bed, but he fucked his mother often.