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She wanted him, she'd wanted him for a long time before he fucked her the first time, and she wanted him even more after that prom night when he took her for the first time in the hot tub after her looser date had blown his chance with her by getting falling down drunk. She remembered that night like it was yesterday and her pussy got wet every time she thought about it. She vividly remembered how much he had stretched her when he put his thick cock inside her that first time. He still stretched her deliciously and she wanted him inside her all the time. She wanted to feel that fullness again soon. She was sure she'd have his big cock inside her pussy again very soon. He was going to fuck her all night on his birthday.

When her pussy began to tighten, she realized she was stroking her clit furiously and she shuddered as a small orgasm took her. As it subsided she brought her mind back to the plan for the private party she was planning for Charles. She wondered if she could use Juliette as bait. She was sure he very much wanted to fuck Juliette, the beautiful, long legged, thirty something brunette who ran the boutique where he'd bought the stunning white bikini that she'd worn with great success on the European cruise. She knew Juliette wanted him to fuck her too because she'd said to him as they were leaving the shop, “It's been my pleasure to serve you. Please call me when you want to arrange, ahem, some more personal service.”

Charles had called the white bikini, and the other things he'd bought for her, a bon voyage present. She'd thanked him by letting him fuck her in the changing area at the boutique, while Juliette watched, and urged him to fuck her hard. She smiled as she remembered how hard and deep he'd driven his cock into her, making her come for him before he came for her, shooting his cum deep inside her pussy.

She wanted him to fuck her again, and she intended to let him do it on his birthday. She also knew that his youngest daughter, Holly, wanted him to fuck her. She thought it was past time he gave in and did it with Holly, incest be damned.

He'd been resisting Holly’s attempts to seduce him for months. Penny knew he wanted to fuck Holly but he kept saying she was his daughter and he didn't want to break the incest taboo. Penny knew Holly was dying for him to fuck her. She also knew Holly was jealous of her because he fucked her every chance she gave him. She felt a slight pang of guilt when she thought of how blatantly she had flirted with Charles, and how successful she had been at seducing him. He couldn't resist her tight young pussy.