“My father was devastated over the loss of his soul mate. He couldn’t function. I wasn’t sure at the time but I think I might have been pregnant with Geri at the time otherwise he would most likely have gotten me pregnant because I’d stopped taking the pill and was trying to get pregnant. I didn’t realize the risk I was taking having unprotected sex with my father without regard to my fertile times until later.

“Actually he may have fathered Geri, it isn’t really clear. I got my period a couple of days before we came home from out honeymoon and before it ended I moved in with my father. About a week and a half later he fucked me the first time—just about the time I ovulated. I don’t remember if Charles fucked me during that time but he probably did since we were newlyweds and still had the hots for each other in a big way, Actually we still do for that matter.

“I moved into my dad’s house and waited on him hand and foot for almost four months. He was in such bad condition at first that I often sat in his room with him at night while he slept. One night, a while after I moved in, I was very tired so I got on his bed on top of the covers. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with his arm around me holding me tight against himself. His other arm was down between us and his hand was between my legs. It was inside my panties on my pussy and one of his fingers was inside me. I was shocked but also very aroused. I don’t know how long he had been foundling me while I slept but I was fully aroused and very wet when I woke up.

“He whispered, ‘Nancy? Are you awake Nancy?’ my mother’s name was Nancy. Then he quietly said, ‘I want you Nancy. It’s been so long.’ I didn’t know what to do. I was stunned but also very aroused by what he was doing to my pussy with his fingers. I didn’t want him to stop but I thought it would be wrong to let him think I was his wife since he obviously intended to fuck me. As he continued to fondle me I realized I wanted him to fuck me and I rationalized it by telling myself that it would help him recover emotionally.

“Before I thought anymore about the situation he began taking my clothes off and I found myself helping him. When I was naked I got off the bed and he lifted the covers. I slipped under them and molded myself against him with my pussy rubbing against his thigh. The sensations his hands on my body were causing increased my desire for him. I tugged at him and he rolled over on top of me. Before long I guided his fully erect cock to my entrance.

“He was fondling my breasts and when he felt the warmth and wetness between my widespread thighs he moaned out loud. I moved his cock head up and down through my very slick inner labia, coating it with my lubricating vaginal secretions and held it aimed at my opening. He rotated his pelvis forward sliding his cock into my warm wet pussy slowly until it was fully encased in my soft, moist woman flesh. His cock was larger than Charles’ and it hurt a little when he first went into me. He held his cock all the way inside me until I clenched my pussy and moaned softly letting him know I was alright.

“I enjoyed the feel of his cock deep inside me for a moment or two. I had never in my life had a cock like his in my pussy. God it felt good. I hadn’t had sex for almost two weeks since I’d moved into his house. I’d been too worried about him and too busy taking care of him to find time for sex with Charles and he was busy catching up on work that had backed up during our honeymoon. I raised my hips pushing my pussy up against dad as hard as I could until I felt his balls against my ass and I held him tight in my arms. I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles, clenching it, which caused his cock to jerk rhythmically inside me several times.

“I sighed deeply and said, ‘Please take me gently Ben.’ That was my father’s name, Ben. I had decided to let him think I was his wife. I continued, ‘I want you to make love to me like you did the first time we had sex together. I want you to do it like you did it that night I came into your bed and let you take my virginity when you came to meet my family and I crept into your room after my parents and siblings went to bed.’

“I wasn’t sure how they’d first had sex together but I remembered my mother telling me that she’d slipped into bed with my father before they were married and let him take her virginity. I thought he’d be too excited about fucking me to worry about it if I got it wrong. I thought what I was saying would turn him on even more so I continued, ‘I want you to make love to me tonight like you did that night Ben. I want to remember our first time together—my first time ever. I’ll never forget that magical night. You were my first lover and you’re very special to me. Make sweet love to me Ben. I want it.’

“He must have remembered because he was very gentle and he made sweet love to me. I’ll never forget the way he fucked me that night. It hurt when he first went inside me but after a little while it was so good I couldn’t believe it was real, I loved it. He was so gentle and I could feel his love when he moved inside me, making love to my mother while he was fucking me.

“He continued to force his cock into me slowly and then withdraw it just as slowly after I clenched my pussy on it. I said, ‘Oh yes! That’s it Ben! Keep doing it just the way you’re doing it. Keep doing it slow and deep. Oh yes Ben, keep going in me deep! It’s so good when you go in me really deep! I don’t want you to go any faster. Please don’t go any faster. Just keep doing it slow and gentle. I love the way you’re doing it. Oh my god, it’s building up Ben. Oh god it’s so good! My god you’re making it really good for me! Oh I want it! I want your cock in me as deep as you can go Ben! Go inside me really deep Ben. My god it’s so good I can hardly stand it. OH GOD! OH GOD! OH MY GOD! OH!…. MY!…. GOD!…. Please don’t stop! Go in me deep. Go in me really deep. Oh god! Oh my god I’m coming!’

“Of course I’m approximating what we said. I remember that first time very well but I don’t remember what we said word for word. I’m sure I got the gist of it right though. It was very memorable. He fucked me all night and when we woke up the next morning I told him I’d been with him all night and I thought maybe I’d helped him get over some of his grief. He smiled and told me that some time during the night he’d realized he was fucking me, not my mother, and thanked me for letting him fuck me. I told him I’d enjoyed it very much and wanted to let him fuck me regularly if he wanted me. He did. He fucked me every day.

“My god Brenda, sex with him was the best I’d ever had. He knew how to please me in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. He’d had so much experience and he had such endurance. Even in an impaired state he had more endurance than Charles. He fucked me all night that first night and until nearly noon the next day. I think we’d have been in bed all day if I hadn’t insisted that I had to get up and fix him some food.

“He had plenty of stamina while he was suffering but he had unbelievable stamina after he fully recovered from his breakdown. There was one marathon session just before I moved out of his house when he fucked me almost non-stop for nearly three full days. My pussy was so sore I could hardly walk and I didn’t wear panties for over a week after that. I was so turned on I would come if he touched my pussy. My god that was the most pleasurable sex I’ve ever had.