He slid into her all the way. She screamed and bit her lower lip. She took in a big breath and said, “My god Stanley you really know how to hurt a girl. It’s a lot better now and I know I’m going to love it soon. You’re stretching me so much I feel like you’re going to rip me open. Can you feel my pussy quivering? I’m about to come. I thought I was going to come before you jammed your cock into me so deep but now I need to build up a little more. Be careful but move in me a little. I think I can handle it now.”

He slowly pulled out of her an inch or so and gently pushed back in. She stiffened slightly but then he felt her pussy ease on his cock before it began to convulse rapidly, squeezing his cock hard when it tightened and then easing considerably before clenching tightly again. She was coming. He had given her an orgasm. He knew she would want more and she would want to let him fuck her again. He had another woman on his string.

He gently thrust into the savoring the feeling of her pussy as it reacted to his cock slowly moving inside it. She moaned deep in her chest and said, “I’ve never had a cock as big as yours in me Stanley. I didn’t know what I was asking for but I’m glad I let you put it inside me. I want you to fuck me harder now. It feels really good now and I want more orgasms with your cock in me. You’ve already given me two and we’ve barely begun to fuck. Go ahead and fuck me hard. I want it hard and deep. Go in me all the way and make me come for you again. I want to come again on your big cock Stanley. Fuck me!”

He began to fuck her harder and found it was surprisingly comfortable even though her pussy was very tight on his cock. She was so juicy that he was sliding in and out of her easily. He though she must be getting incredible stimulation from his cock rubbing the inside of her pussy because he surely was.

She was cooing and occasionally she let out a little yelp when he hit her just right. He was moving his cock around inside her searching for her trigger spots and she was writhing under him as great waves of pleasure washed over her body. He leaned down, kissed her hard and said, “Is it as good as you thought it would be Sally?”

“Oh god YES! Oh Stanley it’s even better than I imagined it would be. It’s really so good I don’t want it to ever end,” she responded. I didn’t think it could be as good as Stacy and Julie said it was but now I’m a believer.”

Stanley probed her several more times before she screamed again and didn’t stop screaming. He increased his pace and soon she was gasping for air between loud screams as a massive orgasm gripped her. He continued fucking her as hard as he could until she quieted and began to relax.

He slowed his thrusting and said, “Did I find it? Did I finally find it? I was trying to hit your ‘G’ spot but wasn’t having much success. I think I must have located it just then judging by your reaction. Was I hitting it a lot just before your orgasm hit you?”

“Oh god YES! YES! You were hitting it on every thrust! I’ve never had a man do that for me before. It was so overwhelming that I almost passed out. I think I would have if it had lasted much longer. I wanted it to last forever but it was draining me. It was really wonderful but it was just too intense.