Her opening was small but with all our combined juices lubricating it, her opening was very slick and the tip of my cock head began to slowly enter her hot juicy pussy, sliding into her tight wet canal. I could feel the hot walls of her channel squeezing my cock head. Her pussy was a very tight fit on my cock head and the pressure felt incredibly good.

"Oh Connie you're so tight. Your pussy gripping my cock really tight feels wonderful. It's so good. I hope I'm not hurting you. Are you ready for me to go deeper inside you?"

"You're hurting me Danny, but it's a wonderful pain. I know there will be pleasure soon and I want the pain now. I want to feel you stretching me beyond my limit.

"I don't think you will tear my pussy. I'm ready. Go ahead and put it in me a little deeper. I'm ready for you to fuck me. I want it. I really want it Danny! Fuck me!"

I pushed again causing my cock to slide into her another couple of inches and she gasped. "Oh god it hurts, but I want it! That's it Danny! It's good. My god your cock is big! It hurts a lot but it feels so good stretching me, opening me up and filling me so full.

"I've never had a cock as big as yours inside me and I love it. I can't wait to get it all inside me. Go ahead and put it in me all the way at once Danny. Push your monster cock all the way into my tight little pussy and fuck me! Oh god I want it Danny. Put it in me all the way!"

I rotated my pelvis as I pushed into her as hard as I could and I felt my cock head hit bottom hard against her cervix. She screamed and I fleetingly wondered if Ron might have heard her through the door. I didn't want him to come in and interrupt us. I was afraid I'd lose him as a friend and Connie's marriage would suffer. I wanted to fuck her but I didn't want trouble.

I didn't want to hurt Ron but the pleasure of Connie's tight channel gripping my shaft was so great I quickly forgot about him. Connie's tight pussy was convulsing on my shaft as she had a mini orgasm and the feeling it caused to rush through me was so good I wanted it to last. I just held my cock still and waited for her to let me know she was ready for me to really fuck her. I was afraid if I moved inside her I would come right away and she wouldn't get as much pleasure if I lost my erection and fucked her with a soft cock.

I whispered to her, "Are you Ok Connie? I hope it didn't hurt you too much. Are you ready for me to fuck you Connie or do you want me to wait a little while for you to get used to my cock deep inside your pussy? I don't mind waiting it's very good like this."

"I'm Ok Danny. It did hurt like hell when you stretched my pussy all the way but only for a few seconds. It's better now. I think I'm getting over the pain and there's a lot of pleasure now. I had a little orgasm when your cock went into me all the way, and I really love the feel of your cock deep inside me.

"I don't think it would have hurt me so much when you went all the way in if it hadn't surprised me. I think it was mainly that you surprised me. I wasn't ready for you to slam into me hard the way you did. I know I was practically begging you to put your cock in me all the way at once, but I wasn't expecting you to just ram it into me like you did. I didn't realize what I was asking for.

"I'm not complaining. I love what you did but I tensed up and it hurt more than it would have. I thought I was ready for you but your big cock felt like it was splitting me in two when you rammed it into me hard. You went in me all the way deep inside my pussy and there was a lot of pain.

"God it's good now though. I'm Ok now. I'm ready for you to fuck me now. Fuck me Danny. I really want it. Fuck me. Go in me as deep as you can. God I want it Danny!"

"How Do you want it? What would you like me to do Connie? Do you want it hard and fast or slow and gentle? I want to do it the way you want it."

"Oh my God Danny! I just want you to fuck me. You're in me so deep I can feel your cock head pushing against my cervix! It feels so good I want it to last for ever, but we don't have much time so fuck me hard and fast and go in deep, as deep as you can.

"Ram your cock head against my cervix every time you go in me. I want to feel it. I get a great sensation when your cock head hits my cervix. It's really wonderful. Do it for me Danny. I want it. Fuck me as hard and as deep and as fast as you can!"

I began to thrust into her and she responded by meeting my thrusts as well as she could in the difficult position. I reached down and took hold of her elbows. When I pulled up on her arms she let go of her ankles and, slowing my thrusting only slightly, I maneuvered her over to the table. There I bent her over so her upper body was lying on the table. She reached across the table and gripped the far edge tightly.

I was thrusting into her hard and fast and she was able to meet my thrusts much more energetically in the new position. We continued at a frantic pace until I felt her pussy begin to spasm on my shaft. "Are you ready to come Connie? I'm not that close yet but I want you to come if you're ready. What do you want me to do Connie?"

"You're doing it just right Danny. Keep fucking me and I'll come real soon. In fact I feel it. My pussy is getting tense. I'm going to come. Oh god I'm coming now. Oh God it's good! Ohooooooo. Oh God Yes! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God it's sooo good Danny. Keep fucking me hard and I'll come again before long. Please don't stop. Fuck me hard! I can usually have multiple orgasms. Keep fucking me hard!".