“Oh, yes I’m ready, Tom. I can’t wait. I want you to fuck me right now. I want your cock in me now—inside my pussy as far as it can go, right now. Please Tom; I want you to put your cock inside me now! I want it Tom.”

I knelt between her beautiful thighs and gently pushed the head of my hard cock against her hymen over the opening to her vagina. I forced the tip of my cock into her a little way and her hymen began to tear. She shuddered and moaned so I eased my pressure, waiting for her signal to go further. “Are you okay Kathy?” I wanted confirmation from her that she was not hurting too much. I didn’t want her first time to be painful and unsatisfying.

She lifted her hips up pushing against my cock increasing the pressure, “Push harder! Push really hard. I want you inside me now! Go in deep, inside my pussy, all the way in. It hurt a little when my hymen tore and I know it might hurt some more when you go all the way in, but I want you all the way inside my pussy, right now! Push hard! Fuck me!”

I wanted to please her so I pushed into her hard, and she moved her hips pushing her pussy against my cock which was in her only a half inch or so. When her hymen tore completely she screamed. I kept pushing and my cock slid all the way in. When it bottomed against her cervix she yelped and then began to moan softly with her eyes squeezed tightly shut against the pain, but after a few seconds, she opened her eyes and started to roll her pelvis in the most pleasing way.