I was roused from my funk over not getting any pussy for going on three days when my very sexy eighteen year old granddaughter came in and sat down in my lap. This was very unusual. She usually didn’t acknowledge me except for a mandatory hug hello and goodbye which her mother insisted on. Even when her mother insisted that she give me a hug, she would usually give me a grudging sideways hug so her breasts didn’t touch me and then quickly pull away.

I knew hugging me made her uncomfortable and I suspected that the reason she was uncomfortable hugging me was that she had sexual feelings for me that she was afraid to show. I also understood that at her age it wasn’t cool to admit you knew old codgers like me especially if you were related to them. Today no one else was around so she snuggled down in my lap and turned her upper torso to face me pressing her left side against my chest and upper arm. I felt the pressure of her large but firm young breast through our clothing and a thrill rushed thorough my body causing my cock to harden.

I was sure she had done it intentionally and in my horny condition it did things to me I wasn’t sure I should acknowledge. I didn’t want to push her to let me fuck her but she was driving me crazy rubbing her tits against my chest and arm. I could smell her pussy too and wondered why she was so aroused. I thought she must have been playing with her pussy. She looked at me with her big blue eyes sparkling and said, “Can I ask you something personal granddad? It’s kind of embarrassing but I really want to know.”

I smiled at her and said, “Sure. You know you can ask me anything Gigi. Fire away.” She kind of frowned and said, “It’s really personal. I hope you won’t be upset with me. I know you don’t approve of me having sex with boys but I was hoping you might be Ok with doing it with me yourself. I want you to fuck me. Do you want me granddad? Would you like to have sex with me? I’ll let you fuck me if you want to. I really want it.

“I know you’re fucking mom and I want you to fuck me too. It’s not that I’m jealous of mom… Ok I am a little. I should have asked you to fuck me instead of letting Jason take my virginity.

“It wasn’t very good with him. He just wanted to get off and then go tell his friends he’d fucked me. Anyway will you fuck me granddad. I want you to take care of me the way you take care of mom. Will you granddad... Please.” Her eyes were wide and pleading. I could see the desire in them. She actually wanted me to fuck her.