Mom Moves in on Jerimy I decided it was time to leave. I’d made an appearance, stroked all the egos I needed to stroke and eaten more than I should have, not to mention had way too much to drink, so I cruised toward the desert counter thinking I’d pick up something to take home to Janice. I already had a stash of scallops wrapped in bacon, chicken livers wrapped in bacon, shrimp, and meatballs for her. We always snacked on some of our favorite goodies when I got home after the event.

As I approached the desert counter a very shapely young brunette caught my eye. As I got closer I recognized her as one of the executive secretaries. Some of the top level executive secretaries were invited even though they weren’t, strictly speaking, managers or executives. She was a most desirable young thing. I’d admired her from a distance ever since she was hired. I’d never made any move on her because I was a very happily married man, and she was married to one of my friends—actually, he was more like an acquaintance—Mac… something or other. Actually, I thought Mac was a nickname, but I couldn’t remember. My mind drew a blank.

My brain was a little fuzzy no doubt due, at least in part, to the amount of alcohol I’d ingested, and I found I couldn’t remember Mac’s last name. Well it didn’t matter, I knew her well enough to use her first name. I did remember her name. She was a cute, bubbly but quite competent, young woman and everybody liked her.

She was only about twenty-six or seven—she’d started right out of the local community college as a typist in the steno pool. She’d soon been picked by one of the junior executives for a secretary, and eventually became one of the top executive secretaries. There were some who thought her looks mattered more than her skills, but it turned out that she had considerable skill at managing an office. She’d risen through the ranks of secretaries quickly since she was very good at her job—of course, her looks didn’t hurt her progress either. She was soon secretary to one of the senior vice presidents and deeply involved in planning social activities for the company. In fact, I thought she was on the committee that planned the party we were attending.

She was Stevie to everyone who knew her at work. I wasn’t sure that was actually her name. I thought it was probably a nickname for Stephany, but it didn’t matter. She was just Stevie.

As I reached the counter, I smiled at Stevie, who seemed a good bit more reserved than usual, and said, “Hi, Stevie! Nice to see you. How’ve you been.”

She smiled and said, “I’m doing OK, I guess. Things are still a little unsettled right now, but I’m coping the best I can. Thanks for asking.” She smiled at me again, but I could see her heart wasn’t really in it.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I could tell something was, so I said, “I’m sorry, I hope things aren’t as serious as it sounds. What’s wrong? Is there a problem I can help you with?”

She smiled a little more brightly and said, “It’s nice of you to offer, but I don’t think so.”

I was concerned so I said, “I haven’t seen Mac around lately. He never misses this party. Is he away on a business trip or a field assignment?” She didn’t answer right away so I said, “If he’s away, is there anything I can do to help you out? I’d be happy to help you if I can.”

She gave me a confused look and, then tried to smile, but was only able to grimace as she said, “Oh George. I’m so sorry. I guess you haven’t heard about Mac.”

When she didn’t go on, I looked at her with a puzzled expression on my face and said softly, “Haven’t heard what about Mac, Stevie? Is something wrong between you and Mac?” She looked at me sadly and said, “No… Oh George, Mac passed away about two months ago. I thought everyone at work knew. He’d been ill for a few months before he died. We thought he was getting better, but then he died suddenly.” She looked like she was about to cry.

I was embarrassed, so I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Stevie, I didn’t know. I’d noticed he wasn’t around, but no one told me he’d died. Is there anything I could do to help you? Chores Mac usually did around the house or whatever you need, I’d be glad to help you any way I can.”

She looked at me with an expression I couldn’t read for a moment, then she said quietly holding my gaze with her beautiful dark eyes staring directly into mine, “Actually. There is one thing that Mac used to do for me that I desperately need, but I hesitate to ask…” She blushed furiously, her skin turning bright red all the way down to the modest neckline of her stylish dress, the bodice of which was cut high to cover her bosom, but leave little to the imagination concerning the hidden contours. The fabric clung to her chest just above the swell of her perfectly formed breasts, which while small, were the perfect size for her petite frame.

With some effort, I managed to tear my eyes from her breasts. I was aroused by her body, beautifully displayed yet almost completely hidden from my view by the well-designed dress she was wearing. I was captivated by her beauty, but very confused by the way she was behaving.

I smiled at her and said, “I’d be happy to take care of it for you, Stevie. No matter what it is, I’ll do anything you need. Just tell me what you need me to do, and I’ll try my best to take care of it for you.”

She blushed again, then frowned at me and said, “Please forgive me, I’m acting the complete fool. Forget what I said. I can’t ask you to take care of that vital need for me. It’s much too much to ask of you, and besides it’s much too personal—not a proper thing to ask you to do for me. Please just forget I said anything about helping me.”

“It’s OK, Stevie, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about asking for help if you need it. I’m dead serious, I’ll try to help you with things Mac used to do around the house since he’s not around to take care of things for you anymore. I didn’t know Mac very well, but he was a friend and we worked together a good bit so I feel like I should help you if I can. I’d really like to help you through this difficult time if you’ll let me. I know we’re not close friends, but I consider you a good friend because of Mac. Please let me help you.”

She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes wide, and said, “I really want to trust you, and I believe I can, but if I open up to you completely, I’ll have no choice but to trust you with my reputation. If I confess my deepest desires, I’ll be at your mercy. If I tell you what I really want from you and you betray me, I’ll be disgraced for life. It’s a difficult decision even though I’ve already decided I want to trust you with all my secrets. Now I have to decide how to tell you what the secrets are—what I want you to do for me. What I hope you’ll be willing to do for me.”

I was beginning to think she was saying she wanted me to take care of her intimate needs. That sounded good to me, but I knew it would be very risky. Even with Mac gone, I had to worry about Janice and all my family and friends, but Stevie was a very desirable package of sexuality.

What made her extra special for me was that she was about the same size as my wife Janice and she had similar coloring. She was a beautiful, petite brunette with chocolate brown yes. She was a slightly smaller and younger version of my wife. For me, she was simply irresistible.