Henriette was so surprised she stopped moving and the cock froze deep inside her vagina. “My God! Is that you Donald?” She said in a low voice which she was afraid everyone could hear.

“Yes Henriette, it is. I hope you aren’t grossed out. I couldn’t stand for you to be left out of the fun and I wanted you in the worst way. I just couldn’t watch your mother and sister getting fucked hard while you were naked with your pretty, wet pussy showing between those beautiful thighs. It was dripping wet but getting no pleasure. I had to help you. I had to pleasure you, and I knew I would greatly enjoy you as well. I’ll stop if you don’t want me to fuck you.”

“Well Donald, it’s a bit too late to worry about whether or not I want you to fuck me, since it seems you already have, you have your big cock inside me all the way up to the hilt, but don’t worry, I like it a lot. I never expected I’d ever have your cock inside me but it’s really good. I sometimes dreamed of sex with you when I was younger but I never expected it to actually happen.

I like it hard and fast, Don. I want you to push your cock into me as far as you can go and fuck me as fast as you can for as long as you can. Don’t stop if I have an orgasm unless you’ve already cum. I want it to be really good for you too. Go ahead and fuck me Don. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, for as long as you can.”

Donald resumed thrusting into Henriette, hard and fast as she had requested. He wasn’t sure how long he could maintain the pace she wanted, but by God he would do his best. She was fantastic. How could she move her hips like that? She was better than her mother. “Oh Henriette, it’s very good for me. You’re much tighter than you mother! I’m in heaven. I just hope I can keep it up ‘til you cum. Could you spread your thighs a little more so I can reach your clit easily?”

Henriette began to moan and gasp which drove Donald to fuck her even harder. He hadn’t thought it was possible to thrust faster and harder but he did when she moaned. Her sounds were the greatest turn-on he had ever experienced. This was better than his first time with the neighbor’s pretty young maid, whom he’d been fucking since he was sixteen, even better than the first time with her mother. He would have her again and as often as he could manage it—if she would allow him to. She no doubt could have the services of both Harold and Reginald anytime she wanted sex, but maybe she would make room for him in her sex-life. He really hoped she would.

Henriette’s gasps were coming faster and her moans were louder she was getting near orgasm. Donald was getting tired, it was more than he could do to keep pace with her but he was doing his best and all the signs were telling him that she was very close to orgasm. He worked harder on her clit and felt her vagina begin to ripple in the way he knew meant her orgasm had taken her. She arched her back and pushed against him fiercely almost causing him to fall back, but he held on to her hips and kept his thrusts deep and as fast as she allowed.