Ron had swept her off her feet the old fashioned way. He’d respected her and treated her like a lady. He’d sent her flowers and expensive candy and perfume. He’d taken her to fine restaurants and the symphony. He didn’t treat her like a cheap date, who he’d feed in a burger joint and then take to his apartment and fuck all night. He was convinced that he intended to marry her but he hadn’t asked her yet and she’d been hoping he would for months.

He hadn’t so far tried to do anything beyond kissing and occasionally gently touching her breasts seemingly accidentally. That really drove her wild with desire. He seemed to be clueless even though she had been giving him signals that invited his sexual advances from the time they met. He was going very slowly, being very careful. He obviously was afraid he would scare her off but she wanted him to make a move and was getting frustrated.

Their relationship had quickly progressed to the ‘very comfortable together psychologically’ stage but had stalled there. She was aching to go on to the physically intimate stage. She was more than ready to go all the way and wondered why he wasn’t trying to get her to let him fuck her.

She knew she was attractive. She’d had lots of men chasing her ever since she was fourteen. It wasn’t just boys who were after her for sex either. Grown men had started approaching her for sex as soon as she blossomed when she reached puberty.

She was obviously ripe and men wanted to taste her, and she wanted to be tasted. She was fortunate that she had an older brother who guarded her honor very carefully. She had quickly learned how to rebuff unwanted advances and had decided to save herself for the man she would marry.

She had allowed a few men to sample her charms but she had not been promiscuous. She had only let men have sex with her if she was in love with them and was thought there was a possibility for marriage. There had been one young man at the beginning of her senior year in high school who had the pleasure of taking her virginity. He was a senior at the local college. She thought he was very handsome and was head over heels in love with him. She let him fuck her after a dance and was devastated when he told her at the end of the school year that he was engaged to a girl in his home town and abruptly ended their affair.

She had fled into the arms of a middle aged man. He was a friend of her father who offered her consolation and treated her very well. She was in love with him and very happy enjoying sex with him until she discovered that he had an estranged wife and two children. He had decided to reconcile with his wife and had let her down as easily as he could but it was a terrible shock.

She’d fallen for another handsome young man at the beginning of her freshman year in college and that relationship had lasted until she’d returned to school a day early after the Christmas break and caught him in bed with her roommate. She had been looking forward to surprising him and spending the night in bed with him. She surprised him—and her roommate—all right and was surprised herself but not in a pleasant way.

After that she’d been careful to avoid falling into another rebound relationship and had been chaste ever since… until she met Ron. Actually she was still being chaste since he didn’t seem to realize that she had sexual needs and avoided touching her below the waist as much as possible. She was really hurting for sex after she had been going with Ron for six months.

She decided to force the issue and was willing to lose him if things didn’t go well. She invited him to her apartment for dinner and pulled out all the stops. She dressed in her most provocative outfit and neglected to wear a bra or panties. Her top was an off the shoulder pheasant blouse with large arm holes and a scoop neck line. It showed a lot of the upper contours of her nice firm breasts which didn’t need a bra for support and an occasional full view of one of her breasts through an arm hole when she raised an arm. A short flared skirt that came down to mid thigh and gladiator sandals completed the ensemble.

She had her hair up and she had put on a little more make up than she usually did. She intended to captivate him with her body by letting him have glimpses of her breasts, and her nice ass—perhaps even her pussy—if she could manage it, as she bustled about finishing preparations and serving the food. She thought he would be ready to take her to bed after his desert if not before he finished the first course.

Her plan had worked to perfection and she was sexually sated and firmly convinced that he was the one she’d been waiting for when she went to sleep in his arms with his half-hard cock still inside her pussy after two hours of very energetic sex in her bed. She woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and when she got out of bed naked and went to see what was going on she found him, also naked, in her kitchen scrambling eggs. He kissed her and said, “I was going to wake you in just a few minutes but since you’re up you can make some toast. I thought we’d need some food since we skipped dinner last night. It’s a shame since you prepared such a nice meal, but I enjoyed your other offerings so much I didn’t miss the food. My god you’re even more beautiful naked this morning than you were last night. I guess I was too excited about fucking you to really notice how beautiful your body is naked.”

She was pleased that he was getting hard and she was afraid the breakfast he had prepared would get cold before they finished what they had already started. She came up on tiptoes and pushed his stiff cock down between her thighs. He pushed against her and his cock slid between her very wet pussy lips. She moved her hips back and rotated her pelvis forward making access to her vaginal opening easier. He rotated his pelvis back withdrawing his cock slightly and then pushed his hips against her. When they came together his cock slipped into her easily and she sighed deeply