He was hurting for her. He was smiling up at her; he hoped she wouldn’t change her mind. He wanted his cock in her cunt right now. Why was she just standing there looking down at him but seeming not to see him?

It was a little creepy, but he wanted her to fuck him. Creepy or not he wanted his cock in that beautiful juicy cunt between those lovely tan thighs. He knew sex with her would be very good.

Holikii felt the tension grip her as it had when she stood over the father of her children, who like this man—he even looked a little like this man—had lying helplessly on a mat at her feet. That night she held a long sting-ray spine in her right hand. She had coaxed his cock up one last time, it was pretty hard but he was almost unconscious and his cock was pretty much just reacting on its own to her touch.

The raider in Holikii’s hut no longer thought of fucking her, he could barely see her beautiful body. He was in a stupor. He had never before been fucked like this.

He couldn’t remember how many times he had come! And they wouldn’t let him rest at all. Somehow all his women had become super horny at once and demanded to be fucked.

When he was too tired to fuck them from on top they had rolled him over and started to fuck him by squatting over him. They put his cock in their cunt, and moved up and down. He thought it must be very tiring for the woman but it sure felt good.

Of course by now he couldn’t feel anything much. He looked up and saw that Holikii was standing over him now. She was his favorite wife. She was the first island girl he had fucked when he came to the island and she was the best woman he’d ever had. She was a real beauty too, and always ready to fuck, but he was too far gone to fuck her now. He needed to rest but she wouldn’t leave him alone. He’d already fucked all his women and now Holikii was back for more.

Holikii stepped astride the raider and slowly lowered herself into a squatting position. She spread her cunt wide and guided his cock into her opening. Then she sat all the way down on him allowing her weight to rest on his hips. His cock was forced all the way into her and she tightened her cunt as much as she possibly could.

Concentrating hard she put all her energy into her cunt and focused on his cock. Then she leaned forward, with his cock still held in the vice of her cunt. It felt to him as if she were tearing it from his body. When her breasts touched his chest she quickly inserted the sting-ray spine in his left ear and rammed it upward through his brain.

His cock jerked spasmodically inside her cunt—it felt good, she would miss that feeling—and his whole body trembled for a few seconds. Then he was still. He hadn’t made a sound, not a whimper. She removed the spine and recited another chant as she cleaned it with sand. The man was bleeding from his ear and she knew he wouldn’t regain consciousness. After some time he stopped breathing and was really still.

Holikii sat up on his body and then slowly raised herself, keeping her cunt tight on his cock—it was the last time she would have a man inside her cunt for she didn’t know how long and she was keeping it in her as long as she could. As she lifted herself his cock slipped out of her. She didn’t look down at him. She just stepped over him and went to her own sleeping platform. The other women took his body, as women were doing all over the island, into the trees and buried it.