Mom Moves in on Jerimy She laughed as she told Jeremy about how afraid her dad was that they would have sex together if they were living together. He didn’t say anything, he just smiled a crooked smile at her. She was surprised that he didn’t laugh with her when she told him her dad was afraid that they’d have sex if they lived together, as if having separate bedrooms would stop them if they wanted to have sex together. She didn’t know what that funny smile he gave her meant, but the fact that he didn’t laugh with her, told her that she and Jeremy weren’t on exactly the same page where sex together was concerned.

She began to wonder if there was more she didn’t know about Jeremy. Maybe he did want to fuck her, but he’d never touched her in a sexual way. He treated her with respect—sure they teased each other and roughhoused sometimes. She enjoyed it and had to admit she got sexually aroused sometimes when the wrestling got really out of hand and he touched her breasts or especially when he ground his cock against her crotch, but Jeremy hadn’t ever tried to take advantage of her.

She began to wonder if Jeremy had maneuvered her into those positions so he could touch her in sexual ways. She knew she should have told him to stop when he did it, but she enjoyed it, so she didn’t make him stop. She had to admit she became aroused when she let the roughhousing get out of hand. She wondered if she actually wanted to have sex with Jeremy and let the rough play get out of hand and become sexual fore-play on purpose.

She put thoughts of sex out of her mind, looked at her mother and said, “I wonder where Jeremy is? I guess I’ll see him soon, but I thought he’d be here when we got here. No mater, I have to go over to the administration building and finish up my registration. I need to check on my class schedule. I know what classes I have, but I have to make sure I got into all the sections I wanted. I carefully chose the professors Jeremy told me were the best.”

She smiled at her mother and continued, “If there’s any problem I guess I’ll just have to sort it out the best I can. Do you want to go with me or would you rather stay here and rest? I don’t need any help and it would be tiring and boring for you. You could take a nap in my bed or read your book here on the sofa. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but I know it’s going to take a couple of hours at least since there are sure to be lines and I’ll probably have to wait to talk to the professors I want to see. I’ll be back in plenty of time for supper though. Do you want to take Jeremy out for dinner before you leave for home? “You’ll have time and I know he’d really like it if you did. He likes you a lot you know. I think he has a big crush on you, and I know you like him a lot too.” She kissed her mother on the cheek and said as she left, “Love you Mom. See you in a few.”

Not long after Chris left, Jeremy came in and was very pleased to see Ann, Chris’ mother, sitting on his sofa reading a book. When she stood and came toward him, he took her in his arms and hugged her hard. She was his second mother and he loved her very much. He felt his cock stir as she held him tight and pressed her firm breasts, that looked and felt so much like Chris’, against him. He could feel her nipples hardening and his arousal increased.

When they parted she sat back down on the sofa and smiled at him, as she rose up a little so she could tuck one of her long shapely legs under her nicely rounded bottom. He noticed that her short skirt had ridden up when she settled back on the sofa. He saw that sitting with her bent leg under her bottom lifted her other knee so that the outside of her thigh was visible almost all the way to her hip He could even see the beginning of the curve of her beautifully rounded ass.

He couldn’t resist staring at that beautifully contoured part of her body and he began to think about what she had between her beautiful thighs. He’d never seen it, but he was very aware that it was there. He’d had a terrible crush on her since he’d reached puberty and recently she’d been careless about letting him see her body. He wanted to believe that she was showing herself to him intentionally. He wanted to believe it because if it was true it meant his chances to have her—to actually fuck her—were very good.

She smiled at him and said, “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you here Jeremy.” She shifted her leg so that he could see up alongside of it almost to her crotch and continued, “I wanted some time with you alone and Chris will be busy at registration for a couple of hours. If you’d like we can spend some time getting to know each other in the Biblical sense. I’d like to do that.”

She wasn’t sure he understood what she had said, but she looked down and blushed anyway. As she was speaking, she’d unfolded the leg she was sitting on and opened her thighs to him. He gasped as the crotch of her thong panties came into view, it was completely soaked with her pussy juice. The thin fabric was sticking to her vulva so that it was transparent, making the camel toe in the space between her gorgeous thighs plainly visible.

His heart rate increased dramatically and his cock hardened almost instantaneously. He realized that he’d been right, she wanted him sexually. He briefly wondered why. She seemed to be happily married, but he didn’t dwell on the question. He didn’t really care. He wanted her and if she wanted him that was all that mattered… wasn’t it?

He was struck by thoughts of Chris, would fucking her mother be betraying Chris? He didn’t want to be unfaithful to Chris, but he desperately wanted to fuck her beautiful mother, Ann. With considerable effort, he succeeded in wrenching his eyes off Ann’s crotch and he smiled at her.

The smile she gave him in return plainly showed him her desire for him. She had pure lust in her eyes and she wasn’t trying to hide it. His cock jerked and hardened even more. He wanted her so badly now that he was actually hurting. His balls felt like they were about to explode. He wanted to empty them in her pussy, deep inside her vagina. He actually, as a matter of fact, wanted to impregnate her. His most exciting fantasy was to impregnate her and have her bear a child for him.

Jeremy held his breath. He wanted her so much he could hardly stand it, but he was afraid to grab her and fuck her the way he wanted to. He was a virgin and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to please her. He didn’t want to disappoint her. He hoped she’d tell him what she wanted—teach him how to please her. He wanted more than anything else at that moment to give her as much pleasure as he could. He wanted to make her come for him and enjoy being with him.