A Mother's Decision Marcie moaned and rolled over again, she was very restless. The two glasses of wine she’d drunk just before going to bed, in the hope that they would help her get to sleep, hadn’t even given her a little buzz, much less calmed her down enough to get to sleep. She was really distraught—so strung out she couldn’t even think straight. She’d been trying to get to sleep for hours, but no matter what she did she couldn’t get her mind to stop racing. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get her mind off how unhappy her son had become over his high-school girlfriend, Suzie, who stubbornly refused to let him have sex with her.

Marcie was obsessed with her son’s problem with his young girlfriend, but no matter how hard she tried she hadn’t been able to find any way to help him. It sounded like, from what David had told her, that the girl was just too afraid to let herself give in to her desire for David and enjoy having sex with him. She was scared for some reason Marcie couldn’t understand. She felt sure that the girl would love having sex with David once she gave in and let him fuck her. The trouble was Suzie didn’t know that and she was, for whatever reason, scared to try sex.

Marcie raised her head and looked at the clock on her bedside table again. She grimaced and said, “Damn!” when she saw it read 3:29AM. She sighed deeply, rolled over, and willed herself to stop thinking about David’s problem with his high-school girlfriend—which had somehow become her own number one problem—and go to sleep. She had to calm down and get some sleep or she’d be a wreck all day at work—like yesterday…and the day before. It had been a week since she’d had a good night’s sleep and it was beginning to cause problems at work. She couldn’t concentrate long enough to get anything done.

She forced herself to lie on her back, completely motionless, with her eyes tightly shut, and think of beautiful flowers on a grassy hill under a beautiful blue sky with a soft warm breeze blowing, birds singing and bees buzzing around, but sleep wouldn’t come. After what she thought was a long time she raised up on her elbow and looked at the clock again. She saw that the ‘long time’ she’d lain in bed rigid had in fact been only two minutes by the clock on her nightstand. She collapsed back on the bed frustrated muttering to herself.

She realized that her mind was racing so fast that time was almost standing still. She sat up in bed and exclaimed out loud, “Goddamit!” She angrily scowled into the early morning darkness and said forlornly, “I can’t take much more of this. I’m going to be a wreck at work again today. At this rate, I’ll ruin my business in a few weeks. No one wants to work for a witch. I’ve got to get over David’s problem. I have to let it go and get myself together.

“That stubborn girl is driving me crazy. Why won’t she just let him fuck her? If she’d let go of whatever it is that’s blocking her desire and just let David fuck her, I’m sure she’d love it. Any girl would. My god he’s any girl’s dream come true. Even some of my friends would like to have a romp with him. He’s going to make a lot of girls happy and break some hearts.