She turned to face me and her eyes got really big. She stared at me with her mouth slightly open. I wondered what had caused the deer in the headlights look. After what seemed like a long time she seemed to shiver a little and closed her mouth. She recovered and smiled at me. I could tell seeing me had been a shock for her but I had no idea why.

She was still obviously flustered when she spoke, “Yeah I’m new. I started working here last week. Actually it wasn’t quite a week ago. I’m sure I’d remember you too if I had seen you before.” She made an odd little face and then her smile came back full force, “I’m still getting to know the regulars. Do you come here often? I’m trying to get to know all the regulars and I really would like to get to know you.”

I had to struggle to speak. I eventually managed to say, “Yes I come here about once a week but I might come more often if I know I’ll see you.” I was completely captivated by her beauty. I noticed the name tag perched above her very nice not too big left breast. Her name was Carol and she was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

From the front she looked even better than she had from behind which was saying a lot. The short jacket showed off a lot of her tight flat midriff above her low slung jeans which showed off absolutely everything she had, molding her pubic mound. A nice camel-toe was just barely visible. I wondered if she was wearing panties. It didn’t seem possible since her body was shown in every detail with no panty lines whatsoever.

Her long hair which fell to just below her shoulders was a beautiful shade of copper-gold. Her features were very nicely chiseled and her smile was bright enough to melt an iceberg from a mile away. I was completely lost in her big blue eyes that held mine in a grip I couldn’t break—not that I wanted too.