A young lawyer is receives a lesson from a seasoned lobbyist who realized that the young man had been taken in by the auto dealers' lobbyist.

The young lawyer achieved a goal he had been dreaming about when the older man helps him convince his beautiful brunette girlfriend to spend the night aboard in the forward cabin of his boat. It wasn’t what she’d had in mind when she agreed to go for a sail but she loved the outcome. It was a life-changing evening for her and for the young lawyer.

The lobbyist and his wife also enjoy themselves to the fullest after enjoying a great meal and entertaining the young couple.

Excerpt: A car pulled into the parking area in front of the house. David went to the galley to bring out the shrimp. As he came back out into the cockpit, Patricia was strutting her stuff down the pier ahead of Harvey.

Her outfit was very daring. It showed off her supple young body extravagantly! It kind of reminded David of Daisy Mae in the old Li’l Abner comic strip. The halter top displayed her breasts outrageously and when she walked it looked like they had lives of their own—she was really putting some bounce in them. The short-shorts had a ragged edge at the bottom which promised glimpses of the luscious, lower contours of her bottom through the gaps.

She was truly stupefying! That was it! Stupefying Jones, not Daisy Mae! And the name might turn out to be right in the end! I’m pretty sure Harvey hopes it will.

She stopped suddenly when she saw Lisa. When Harvey caught up with her she hissed. "Why didn’t you tell me David had invited a woman tonight?"

“I didn’t know about it, Pat. I don’t remember him saying there would be a woman with him. Remember I didn’t want to come here tonight. It wasn’t my idea. David wanted to talk to me and he suggested we come for dinner and a sail. I don’t remember what he said about anyone else who would be here, I’m not sure he said anyone else would be here. You’re the one who wanted to come. Remember?

“It’s probably his wife. Makes sense to me he would invite his wife along. What difference does it make? What’s your problem for heaven’s sake?

“We can make excuses and leave right after dinner if you want, but I think we have to stay for dinner. I’m sure he has the food fixed already. Probably carry out from some local joint, but maybe not too bad. Please try to be nice to him, Pat. I think he will be a big help to me in my work. I really want him to like me.”

“It's just that I thought it would be just the three of us. I didn’t think his wife would be here. Oh well it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a good time anyway.” She took Harvey's arm and they came on down the pier arm-in-arm.

Lisa greeted them warmly and invited them aboard. David was watching their faces. They were really stunned by Lisa as they saw her close up.

Patricia eyed Lisa with almost open annoyance. She thought that Lisa had to be forty-something, but except for some tiny lines around the eyes you couldn’t tell she was over twenty-five. Harvey was completely speechless. He just stared—adding to Patricia's pique.

Lisa smiled her stunning smile and asked about drinks. When Harvey asked for Johnnie Walker Red with soda, David asked if he would settle for some Black straight up instead of with soda? Harvey hesitated, then said Ok and David brought them each a drink. They settled in the cockpit to eat the shrimp.