As soon as Dan parked the truck Paula and I started to undress each other under the blanket. We’d been into heavy petting with our hands inside each other’s clothes ever since we were out of sight of her house. By the time Dan parked in a secluded spot we were both aroused to the point where there was no going back. We both knew I was about to fuck her.

By the time I got her panties off she was working on my pants and had them open in front. I let her take my cock out as I pushed my pants all the way down and kicked them off. She lay down on her back on a pad in the truck bed and I got on my knees between her thighs as she raised her knees and spread her thighs for me. She took my cock in her hand and guided the head to her opening. She looked up at me with lust filled eyes. I leaned forward and we both watched my cock slowly disappear into her pussy. She bit her lower lip, sighed and then looked at me with a wide smile on her face and said, “Oh god Jim I love the feel of your cock inside me stretching my pussy.

“God I’ve wanted you in me so much since last Friday night. I was ready for you to fuck me. I wanted you so much and I was ready that night. I wish Dan hadn’t insisted on us sitting in the cab with him and Lucile. I wanted you deep inside me then like you are now.”

I gave her everything I had. I fucked her hard and deep making her moan and squeal. I knew Dan was in the cab trying his best to get into Lucile’s panties and I wished him well. I was happy that he was too busy trying to get his girlfriend to let him fuck her to realize what I am doing with his sister. Paula was telling me how good it was for her and I was trying to give her even more pleasure. I wanted her to want more of my cock.

She suddenly arched her body and screamed as an orgasm took control of her. I was very pleased that I’d been able to give her an orgasm her first time. What made it so much better for me was that it was also my first time but I wasn’t sure I wanted her to know that. I was jerked out of my euphoria by Dan yelling for me to get off his sister.

I looked at him like he was an alien or something. I had absolutely no intention of getting off Paula. I fully intended to get off inside Paula and she was pleading at the top of her lungs for me to fuck her harder. I kept thrusting into her as she bucked under me matching my motion with her counter motion so that we slammed together over and over. I don’t think she even realized Dan was yelling at me. After several minutes she had another orgasm and I came inside her.

When I began jamming my cock into her using short, very hard, strokes and then groaned loudly and stopped thrusting with my cock buried all the way inside her pussy he could see my ass flexing as I injected stream after stream of my cum into her. Dan went crazy. He yelled, “For god’s sake you’re coming inside my sister. Pull your cock out of her and get off her she’s not protected! Oh shit you’ll get her pregnant! Get off her!” I just started giving her little hunches, rolling my pelvis, making love to her as I whispered in her ear how much I’d enjoyed fucking her and how I wanted to fuck her all the time.

She was kissing me and telling me that she wanted me to fuck her anytime I wanted her. We were both out of touch with all reality other than our connected genitals and the feel of each other’s body. I was lost in the realization that I had just fucked a virgin and in doing so had lost my own virginity.