Stacy heard cabinet doors banging in the kitchen as she walked down the hall naked on her way to get some orange juice. She wondered idly who was in the kitchen. She knew Tommy was in her bed waiting for her to return so he could fuck her some more and she thought Gerald and Christy were in Tommy’s bed enjoying each other sexually. When she came into the kitchen she found Gerald also completely naked. He was looking in one cupboard after the other. He seemed to be frustrated not able to find what ever he was searching for. She was surprised but pleased to see him in the kitchen. She put her arms around him from behind, went up on tip toes, kissed him on the side of his neck below his ear, and breathed into his ear. He shivered then turned in her arms and kissed her hard on the mouth with his tongue in her mouth. She molded her body to his and ground her pussy against his hard cock. He could tell she was trying to get his cock into her pussy and much as he wanted to fuck her that wouldn’t do at all. Her pussy was very enticing but he had to fuck Christy first. He knew if he started fucking Stacy he’d be lost. He knew that if she managed to get his cock inside her pussy he’d fuck her until he came inside her. He had to hold her off so he could go back to Christy and please her. Gerald wanted to fuck Stacy and she wanted it. She was really asking for it. He was in an impossible bind. He wanted Stacy so much it hurt but he couldn’t have her right now or he’d disappoint Christy. He didn’t know what to do. His mind was telling him he had to go back to Christy but his cock wanted to fuck Stacy right here right now. More out of desperation than resolve he twisted away from Stacy and said, “Can you help me with this Stacy? I need to make something to re-hydrate myself. I’m seriously dehydrated. I’m so dried out I couldn’t pee when I woke up a little while ago. I think I need salt and baking soda and sugar… probably some other stuff too. Do you have a computer so I can look up the recipe for the re-hydration drink?”