Mom Moves in on Jerimy Around the time that David stopped asking her for sex, Suzie noticed that her mother was being a lot more careful about her makeup and was wearing nicer, more feminine—much more revealing—clothes. She knew her mother wasn't happy with her sex life because her father had ED. She wondered if her mother might be having an affair, but she was still very affectionate with her father and Suzie was pretty sure they still had sex, so that didn’t seem likely. Still Suzie felt that everything in her life seemed to be changing all of a sudden, and it was very unsettling.

One day, when David brought her home from school, she invited him to come in for a Coke. Her mother was dressed very sexily in a low-cut blouse with a short flared skirt, and she really perked up when she saw David. She quickly fixed drinks for them and sat across from the sofa where Suzie was sitting close beside David.

Suzie was embarrassed to notice that when her mother sat down she very slowly crossed her legs and held her thighs spread wide enough for David to see up her short skirt for several seconds in the process. She'd had her legs angled so that Suzie couldn't actually see her crotch, but she was sure David could. She was shocked to see her mother showing David the crotch of her panties which she guessed was barely covering her pussy.

She knew it had to be intentional. She knew her mother was normally quite careful about guarding her modesty. She wondered what was going on, but David didn't seem to notice her mother's blatant invitation to look up her skirt. She couldn't see how, but it appeared that he hadn't noticed her mother's crotch display. She couldn't believe he didn't see her mother's crotch, but he was either being very careful not to react when he saw it, or he was blind as a bat. She knew his eyesight was very good so he had intentionally refused to notice.

Suddenly Suzie had a terrifying thought. Was it possible her mother was letting David fuck her? Could that be the reason he'd stopped hounding her for sex? She hated the thought and wished it hadn't occurred to her, but it was in her mind now. She couldn't un-think it.

She shuddered as she thought that if not her mother, then some other older woman could be satisfying David's sexual hunger. That would explain why none of her friends had told her who he was fucking. They would have no way of knowing if he was fucking an older woman.

She knew there were lots of women who'd love to have him fuck them. In fact, she was sure the pretty young, red headed English teacher, Miss Morgan, who had been brought in to fill in for Mrs. White, who had some kind of problem with her pregnancy, had the hots for David and he seemed to be pretty interested in her too. He was helping her get settled in town, and...My god! She was living in the spare bedroom of his house! That was it. He must be fucking his English teacher!

Suzie was devastated and her mother realized something was wrong. She quickly uncrossed her legs, opening her thighs wide again in the process, and said, “It was nice of you to stop by, David, but I think Suzie should get to work on her homework now and I need to get started on supper. Maybe you could come by another day and spend more time with Suzie. Maybe Friday afternoon would work. Suzie wouldn't need to work on her homework Friday afternoon.”

David got the message that something was wrong. He wanted to comfort Suzie, but he could tell that Suzie's mother wanted him to leave right away, so he got up and said, “Thank you Mrs. Shelby. I think I could stay a while Friday afternoon if you'd like, if it's OK with Suzie I mean.” Thanks for the Coke. It really hit the spot. I didn't realize I was so thirsty.”

He turned to Suzie who was too stricken to acknowledge him and said, “Bye Suzie, see you at school tomorrow. I'm sorry you're upset. I hope I didn't do something to upset you.”

He got up and made a hasty exit. As soon as he was out the door, Suzie burst into tears and ran up the stairs to her room. Her mother was right behind her, but Suzie closed the door in her face and yelled. I don't want to talk to you, Mom! Leave me alone! I may not come down for supper, but I'll be alright. Just leave me alone for a while. Please, Mom, I need some time.”

Mrs. Shelby, Wanda Jean, stood for a while outside Suzie's bedroom door wondering what had happened to make Suzie so upset. She knew that her crotch display had to be part of it, but it seemed to be more than that. Suzie hadn't reacted until later—about a minute after she'd given David a good look at her bare pussy. She'd had the hair-brained idea that David might like to fuck her, since Suzie wouldn't let him fuck her. After all she was a very attractive slightly older version of Suzie. She was only thirty-six and very well preserved. She knew she was still a really stunning woman. The way men looked at her on the street told her she was definitely still very attractive. She saw lust in the eyes of the men, so she knew that the attraction was sexual.

She was a little surprised that David had ignored her display. She was sure he saw her pussy when she crossed her legs. She'd watched his eyes closely and she saw that he noticed her thighs were open letting him see her wet pussy, but he'd managed to avoid showing any response. It seemed Suzie thought he hadn't noticed. She knew she should apologize to Suzie and try to explain that she was trying to ease the pressure on Suzie to let David have sex with her, by letting him fuck her instead.

She realized now that it had been a serious mistake, but she really wanted David to notice her and see her as a possible sexual partner. She knew he wanted sex and she was willing to give him all he wanted. She was frustrated and wanted sex. Her husband wasn't able to satisfy her. She wanted David to see that she was willing to let him fuck her. She was surprised that he’d been able to ignore her offer. It was a little annoying, but maybe it was because Suzie was present. Maybe he'd have reacted differently if Suzie hadn't been there. Maybe he'd call her later.