Harry was shocked when he opened the door and found not only the young man he was expecting, but a stunning young woman as well. She was a gorgeous young woman with a cloud of curly spun coper-gold hair around her beautiful face. He thought she couldn't be more than twenty one or two and actually looked more like a teenager. She was the most exquisite young woman Harry had seen in a very long time.

She was wearing a low riding mini skirt that left a good four or five inches of her tight flat belly exposed and only went down to mid thigh showing off her great legs to stunning effect. Her whole body was perfect. She wore a thin low cut cotton top that was sort of a cutoff t-shirt that barely covered what looked like perfectly proportioned breasts.

Harry wondered if she was wearing a bra underneath. He didn't think so since he could clearly see her nipples pressing against the almost sheer fabric of her top. He could swear he could see her areolas through her top. She was displaying herself outrageously and he was enjoying the view very much.

Harry felt a twinge in his crotch which he hadn't felt in well over a year. He was actually becoming aroused by this gorgeous young woman and it felt like the arousal was beginning to manifest itself physically. He couldn't believe what was happening.

He tried to focus on the young man. He didn't know what to say. He recognized the young man from the photograph and his meeting at Starbucks. He seemed taller than Harry had remembered but he had the well muscled body and the blond good looks Harry thought Irene had liked when she saw the photograph so he knew this was the man that he had selected to try to satisfy Irene sexually. He assured himself again that he had made a good choice. He thought this young man would be able to give Irene what she wanted in bed if any man could.

He invited the young couple to come in and the young man introduced his companion as his wife Mildred. Harry was taken aback and had no idea what to do at this point. He reasoned that Mildred must know what was happening or Leonard wouldn't have brought her with him to meet Irene.

Harry was very confused at this point. He could not believe that the young woman would want to watch her husband have sex with another woman so why was she here? No matter he didn't want to keep Irene waiting.

He thought that the young couple must have a reason why they had both come and it was none of his business so long as it didn't interfere with getting Irene some sexual satisfaction. He decided that he would go ahead with his plans. He greeted the young woman warmly and led the way to the family room where Irene was waiting.

He introduced the young couple to his wife who was obviously startled by the presence of the young woman and gave Harry a questioning look. He knew she was wondering what on earth the young woman was doing there. He didn't know what to tell her so he said nothing. He just smiled and shrugged

The two couples chatted comfortably for nearly half an hour. Harry was very pleased that the young couple was so comfortable with them. He was even more pleased that Irene was apparently very comfortable with the young man even though she was obviously confused by the young woman being there.

Finally Harry said, "I'm not sure how to proceed from this point but I believe we all know why Leonard was invited to come here. Unless there is something you want to let me know about the situation I would like to proceed. Is there anything you want me to know at this point?"

The young man looked directly at Harry and said, "I think I should explain to you why my wife came with me. We wanted you to be sure that she was willing to let me have sex with your wife. She wanted to tell you herself that she was willing?that she approved of my wanting to satisfy your wife sexually.

"She also said that she thought you would need someone to entertain you while I was with your wife. I hope this is okay with you I should have asked you before hand but I was afraid you would say no and she was adamant about being here with you while I was with your wife. She insisted it wouldn't be fair to you otherwise."

He looked at Harry for a moment as if he expected some response and when there was none forthcoming, he turned to Irene, smiled at her and continued; "Now unless there's some other matter to discuss I'm ready to take your beautiful wife to bed Harry. I'm really looking forward to satisfying her. I'll leave you to Mildred. She'll take good care of you I'm sure." He gave Mildred a meaningful look which Harry noticed, but couldn't interpret. The mystery surrounding the beautiful young woman deepened.

Irene actually blushed but she smiled as she stood, arching her back to make her breasts stand out proudly showing off her very nice figure. She took the young man's hand and smiled broadly at the young woman, who gave her a little nod, and led Leonard into the hall. She said over her shoulder, "Don't worry Harry, I'm sure there's isn't anything we need to discuss that can't wait until after Leonard takes care of my pressing need. Come along Leonard." She took him down the hall toward the master bedroom.

Mildred looked at Harry, gave him a sad little smile and said, "I know this has to be very difficult for you Harry but you seem to be managing quite well. One of the reasons I came with Leonard was to make sure that you were okay. I'm sure Leonard will be very gentle and will do his best to satisfy Irene. Let me assure you that he is very good in bed. I believe Irene will be very well satisfied with his sexual performance. Please don't take this the wrong way but I'm sure it will be the best sex she has had in years.