She kicked off her shoes and he began trying to unbutton his shirt as she clung to him, writhing against him. When he got her Ravens Jersey off he began to fondle her breasts. He pinched her nipples and she moaned. He dropped his shirt in the heap of their clothes on a chair beside the bed.

She undid the button at the waist band of his shorts. When she grasped the zipper his hand was on hers pulling it down. He shucked off his shorts and underwear together tossing them on the chair as she took off her jeans.

He stepped back to admire her beautiful body. She wasn’t tall about five six or seven. Her body was perfectly portioned. She was drop-dead gorgeous. He marveled at how flat and tight her stomach was and how little her breasts sagged. He thought she must spend a lot of time at the gym conditioning her body. She had long slender legs perfectly proportioned and he was captivated by the thin strip of white fabric between her trim thighs.

He knew it was covering what he was dying to touch and pleasure. He could clearly see her vulva since the moisture seeping out of her pussy made the thin cloth for practical purposes completely transparent. He could hardly wait to take her panties off and enter her.

He put his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. With her panties at mid thigh he knelt in front of her and nuzzled her crotch as best he could with her standing. Finding this unsatisfactory Jennifer pushed him away, reached down and took her panties off. Then she stepped back until her legs touched the edge of the bed. She sat and then lay down on the bed raising her knees and spreading her thighs as wide as she was able as she did.

Clay was on her immediately, his face buried in her warm moist crotch, his tongue as deep as it would go inside her vulva probing the entrance to her vagina. He was fondling her clit with his fingers and she was writhing on the bed pushing her pussy against his face. Telling him how much she liked what he was doing to her and urging him to do more.

Jennifer said, “God that makes me feel so good! Keep doing that!” Soon she became rigid and said, “Oh Clay I’m about to come. I’m so hot for you I’m going to come before you even enter me. Oh god I feel it already. I’m about to come Clay. I love what you’re doing to my pussy. Keep doing it and I’ll come for you.”

Clay kept tongue fucking her and playing with her clit. She strained arching her body, pushing her pussy up against his face as hard as she could. Her breathing became rapid and she began to gasp.

Her body became stiff as she forced her hips up, holding her pussy against his face and she began to moan when her orgasm gripped her. As strong convulsions rippled through her vagina she screamed and said, “Oh God Clay that feels so good! Keep doing that I’m coming. Oh Clay I love what you’re doing to my pussy. It’s so good! Oh my God it’s so good!”

She thrashed on the bed holding his face in her crotch. She had her thighs tight against his head holding his face in place against her pussy. Her moans became screeches as the orgasm intensified. Finally she screamed, “Oh my god Clay I can hardly stand it! It’s so good! Don’t stop! Oh god! Oh…. My…. god!”

After a few moments her orgasm slowly subsided and she began to breathe deeply. Clay knew she was relaxing. He was very pleased that he had been able to give her an orgasm so quickly. He was very hard and wanted her badly so he said to her, “Jen are you ready for me to fuck you? I want to fuck you if you’re ready. Are you ready for me to enter you?”

She responded, “Oh yes Clay I’m ready and I want you to fuck me hard. I really need it Clay. I haven’t been with a man for months. I want you Clay. I need you so much. Fuck me now! I want it!”

Clay got on the bed and knelt between her wide-spread thighs. Her orgasm had caused her to produce more of her juice so she was very well lubricated. He slid his cock head up and down through her very wet inner labia several times before he stopped with it lodged at the entrance to her vagina. He looked into her eyes and saw that she was consumed by lust for him.

He rolled his hips forward driving his cock into her as far as it would go in one hard thrust. She screamed and said, “Oh my god that hurt so much. I didn’t expect you’d be so big. I didn’t expect that it would hurt when you went into me. God you went into me really deep Clay. My god you’re inside me deep! It hurts but it’s so good Clay. I love your cock so deep inside me.

“I can’t remember the last time a man went in me that deep. God you’re big. It’s so good Clay. I’ve missed having a cock in me and you’re in me so deep. You’re filling me really full and stretching me so much. I’m going to want your cock inside me all the time. Fuck me hard Clay! I want it hard and deep as fast as you can do it.

Clay began to give her long deep strokes thrusting his cock into her as hard and fast as he was able. She was responding eagerly moving her hips to counter his motion. Her face was contorted into a mask of desire and he could see that he was giving her a great deal of pleasure. Her sounds were encouraging him to fuck her hard and he was trying his best to please her. Their sounds mingled into a continuous stream of grunts, squeals, groans and occasional screams as he pounded her pussy giving her all he had.

Twice while Clay was fucking her as hard as he could, her body became rigid as an orgasm began to grip her. Then she thrashed on the bed tossing her head from side to side groaning and urging him to fuck her as hard as he could until the orgasm faded. Between orgasms she was concentrating hard on squeezing her pussy on his cock making it very good for both of them since it intensified the feeling of his cock moving inside her pussy and they both enjoyed the friction.

As she was in the grip of her third orgasm Clay felt the unmistakable, almost painful, onset of his orgasm. His prostate gland began to pulsate and soon his cum began to spurt into her. He injected stream after stream of cum deep into her vagina, groaning loudly each time he thrust into her hard going in as deeply as he could.

When their orgasms had faded, they lay, still coupled, on the bed relaxing. She smiled up at him and said breathlessly, “I can’t believe it Clay. You finally fucked me and you gave me three orgasms before you came. I haven’t had three so close together for several years. Some of the men I’ve been with were able to give me two orgasms while fucking me but you gave me three and it was the first time you fucked me. I know you’ll give me even more when we do it again and you last even longer. God I don’t know how many you’ll be able to give me when you learn all my pleasure points. Oh god you made it so good for me. I love your cock Clay. It feels so good to have you inside me.