Alice and her Uncle Henry TheThe family reunion was in full swing. The festivities has been simmering along for three days and were rapidly coming to a boil. The big event, which had been the highlight of every reunion since grandpa and grandma had established it years ago when they were newlyweds, was about to take place. No one was sure, and neither grandma or grandpa would say, where they got the notion for the 'mating room', but everyone agreed that it added a great deal of excitement not to mention much pleasure and a sense of edginess if not raciness or naughtiness to the reunion.

Everyone in the family knew that grandpa had fathered a daughter with grandma's oldest sister, Mary, but of course no one talked about it. Some of the older members of the family knew that the child had resulted from the first use of the 'mating room' which established the family tradition. Grandma had decided that grandpa and her sister Mary would be locked in a room for a day and a night and no one would ever ask them what had happened in the room, and they didn't have to tell anyone.

It wasn't hard to tell what happened in the room that first time because three months later Mary was found to be something over two months pregnant and Mary Alice was born around six month later. No one said anything, and grandma helped her sister Mary raise the child with her own daughter born a week or so before Mary Alice. Grandma quietly told her parents that Mary had wanted a child, but had decided that since she was thirty-three and unmarried with no prospects of getting married, she needed a man to help her conceive. Grandma said, “Grandpa and I decided we should help her.”

Grandpa had been very easy to recruit. Mary was just as attractive as grandma, just six years older and very shy so grandpa was quite happy to fuck her. He gladly agreed to impregnate Mary if grandma wanted him to. Grandma had then concocted the mating room idea as a cover of sorts and things went off as she had expected. Most of the family thought that grandpa had continued to take care of Aunt Mary ever since, and none of the parties to the open secret had ever said anything to dispel that notion.

Grandma had announced that to add some fun and make the family reunions more interesting, there would be a contest and the man and woman who won the contest would be locked in a room for a day and a night to do anything they wanted to do together. Of course everyone knew it was a way to let a couple who wanted to have sex together, but weren't married—at least not to each other—have sex with no strings attached and no questions asked. Grandma's rules said that what happened in the room was a secret between the man and the woman who were locked in the room. They could do anything or nothing and never had to tell anyone anything about what had transpired inside the locked room.