Stacy’s father, Jerome came into his bedroom late Monday afternoon to find his wife spread-eagled naked on the bed with his son Tommy on his knees between her thighs eating her pussy. Tommy was naked also and it was obvious that he was prepared to fuck his mother as soon as she was ready which from the look of things would be very soon. He didn’t even look up at his father he just continued to tongue fuck his mother.

Jerome sighed and said, “Little did I know, when I agreed that you could fuck your mother, that you would be in my bed with her all the time. I suppose I should be well accustomed to it by now, after all it’s been more than two years since I told her it was Ok if she let you fuck her, but I’m not. I wanted to fuck her myself tonight but I suppose she’s been missing your young cock since we’ve been away. I suppose she wants you to fuck her all night tonight. Is that about the size of it Julie?”

“I’m sorry Jerome, but yes it is I promised him that he could fuck me all night tonight since he hasn’t been able to fuck me all week, I’m really sorry Jerome. I thought you’d have had enough of my pussy for a while by now. I didn’t think you would want me tonight since you’ve been fucking me almost non-stop all week. You know I love your cock, but you fucked me all last week and you fucked me at least four times last night.

“Let Tommy fuck me tonight he’s been doing without my pussy all week. He really wants me tonight Jerome. Please don’t be hurt. You know I’ll let you fuck me in the morning before you go to work and tomorrow night I’ll be all yours. I promise."