Living in Las Vegas can be really exciting, not only for the casinos and shows, but for lots of other reasons as well. It gets really hot in the summer, and a pool in your back yard really helps a lot. In my opinion it’s a necessity.

My son, who lives a few miles away, doesn’t have a pool, and his daughter, Melissa, likes to come over and use my pool. That’s just fine with me since I enjoy having her around. She is growing up and is a real looker and very sexy in a pure virginal way that can’t be imitated.

One day recently, she was playing in my pool or lying in the sun out on the pool deck all day, from first thing in the morning until late in the afternoon. She was in and out of the pool but she spent a lot of time lying in the hot sun with only a few dunks in the pool to cool off. She did take several short bathroom breaks and ate a quick lunch with me in the kitchen.

She was wearing only a skimpy little two piece bikini bathing suit that kept me looking at her and getting more and more randy all day long. It wasn’t till after she jumped in the pool one last time and then very gingerly patted herself dry that I noticed how red she was.

When she came into the house I said "That skin looks painful as hell Melissa honey.”

She nodded. "Like, I guess I got way too much sun... you know?”

"You need to put something on that or it’s going to blister. It might anyway but let me try to cool it some with lotion.” I said.

"I’ll put something on it as soon as I get home, I guess.” she said.

Her smile told me she was open to whatever I had in mind for her burn and I knew it had to be painful so I said, ?Your grandmother has some aloe stuff in the medicine chest, I think. Let me get it and you can put some on your burn.”

Her face was bright red, and I could see a line where her skimpy little top had shifted slightly. The part of her breasts that had been covered by the skimpy top was snowy white, in sharp contrast to the almost cherry-red of the upper contours that had been exposed to the sun. I could almost feel the heat radiating from her scorched skin.