Mom Moves in on Jerimy I made a flip turn and Dolphin-kicked the full length of the pool underwater. When I surfaced at the far end of the pool, I took a few deep breaths. Be careful. Don’t want to get tired, I might need lots of energy later. Just two more laps, fast, then grab a drink and rest a little while before Karla comes. I want to be ready for anything she wants me to do for her when she gets here, I thought. I don’t have any idea what to expect from Karla for Father’s Day—actually, I do have a fairly good notion what she might do and I hope I’m right. Last Father’s Day she gave me a nice shirt and a generous gift certificate for a meal at one of my favorite restaurants. She told me she had originally intended to let me fuck her as her Father’s Day gift, and she almost did in the hot tub. We’d spent some real quality time, in the warm and cozy hot tub, together, naked and horny.

Actually, I could easily have fucked her if I’d been willing to take advantage of her. She’d bent over the rim of the hot tub and let me thrust my cock between her thighs. She wanted me to fuck her and come inside her, but she had decided she couldn’t take a chance that I’d impregnate her, so she compromised by letting me slide my hard cock back and forth up against her vulva, between her juicy inner pussy lips, giving us both a great deal of pleasure. God! It was so good!

It had caused so much pleasure for me that I very nearly ejaculated, but I held back and managed to avoid shooting my cum in her vulva. I knew if I did, my sperm would be able to swim through the copious amount of pussy juice in her vulva into the entrance to her vagina and possibly make it to her egg in her fallopian tube, if she had recently ovulated. I didn’t want to accidently get her pregnant, but the pleasure was so great that I was barely able to hold off.

After a while she stifled a scream as she shuddered and squirmed through a strong orgasm. When she quieted, I said, “I think we better stop or I’m going to come all over your vulva and I don’t think you want to get my cum inside you. I wouldn’t mind getting you pregnant, but if you don’t want my baby because it would be an incestuous pregnancy, I don’t want to accidently impregnate you.”

She quickly straightened up, pushed her rump back to move me away and turned to face me. The tortured expression on her face told me she had very conflicted feelings about what she wanted. Her expression slowly changed to sorrow and then to a sad smile before she said, “I want to let you fuck me, Daddy. I want you in me so much that I’m afraid to trust myself. I don’t think I dare let you fuck me even if you promise to pull out before you come.”

I said, “I won’t ask you to, Kitten. I don’t want to take a chance if you don’t want me to get you pregnant. I want to fuck you alright, but not if you aren’t fully consenting.”

She frowned and said, “It isn’t that I’m not consenting. God knows, I’m fully consenting all right, Daddy, I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any man before…even more than I wanted David the night he fucked me the first time, but I’m afraid of an incestuous pregnancy.” She leaned over the side of the hot tub again and said fuck me between my ass cheeks. That way you’ll shoot your cum mainly on my back. That way your sperm won’t have much of a chance to get into my vagina. I’ll wash it off in the shower as soon as we get out of the hot tub.”

She turned around and leaned over the edge of the hot tub again, and I moved behind her, put my cock between her ass cheeks and began thrusting. My cock was slick from the juice I’d collected while I was thrusting through her vulva, so it slid easily between her ass cheeks. I stimulated her so much that she had another orgasm and when she cried out in ecstasy, as her orgasm gripped her, I lunged forward and shot my load all over her back. It wasn’t what we’d wanted to do, I knew she had planned to let me fuck her and come inside her, but it was very good for both of us. She ran to the shower and washed her back with soap. When she came back, we relaxed together in the swirling hot water for a long time before we went inside.

Our mutual longing to have sex together had been gaining strength for a long time. She’d kicked the tension up several notches when she sucked me off at a party Susan threw to Christen a new building at camp, and we’d been getting closer and closer to actual intercourse over the months, since then She’d given me lots of hints that she was ready, and I was hoping this was the time.