Breeding Rebecca The men, all in their early to mid-forties, felt that they weren’t getting nearly enough sex, but their wives were quite content with the once or so a month conjugal couplings they allowed their spouses. They thought that was plenty, since they were all in their late thirties, or early forties and past the childbearing stage of their lives. At this point in their marriage they felt that sex was mainly for the pleasure for their husbands and faithfully gave themselves to their husbands at least once a month, while gently but firmly rebuffing almost all requests for more frequent couplings.

After the topic arose in a discussion at a home-group meeting, John had spent a lot of time thinking about the problem and had arrived at an unconventional solution. He’d approached his twenty-year-old daughter, Patricia, and found that she was very willing to have sex with him. She was excited about the chance to let him take her virginity and regularly have sex with him. He took her into the woods behind their house and took her virginity.

She had proven to be more than ready for sex and had energetically responded to him. She enjoyed the experience very much and they began a sexual relationship. They began having very satisfying sex several times a week, usually as soon as he got home from work. She would meet him in the woods at the clearing where he’d taken her the day he deflowered her and they would enjoy sex together.

The first week she was still a little sore from her deflowering, but she responded eagerly nonetheless. John was ecstatic. He was sure he had found the solution to the lack of sex the men in his home-group were having and it was so simple. He thought all the men would be able to solve their problem and unless he was mistaken a lot of the young women in the home group who were ready for sex, but were inhibited by the strict environment of their church, would be much happier as well. All the men had to do was begin having sex with their daughters, and if that went as well as he expected it would, based on his experience with his daughter, Patricia, they would all be more than satisfied sexually, and their daughters would too.

Most of the men had more than one daughter and he thought they all had at least one old enough to have sex. He had three daughters, two of whom were already past the age of consent and his third daughter would come of age in less than a year. He was already having sex regularly with Patricia, his eldest daughter, and he knew his nineteen-year-old daughter, Naomi, wanted to have sex with him. He expected his seventeen-year-old daughter, Carol Ann, would soon be ready for sex, and he thought she would let him fuck her too. He felt that he would soon have three willing sexual partners in his family—four if he included his wife Amanda, who was still very willing just not very often—and if Naomi and Carol Ann had sexual appetites anything like Patricia’s, the three of them would give him as much sex as he could handle, or more, unless they found other partners.

He knew they would find other partners sooner or later, but he also knew he could find other partners among the daughters—or even the wives—of his friends in his home group. In particular, he wanted to fuck Hannah, Abner’s daughter, who was a twenty-year-old green eyed redhead. She was a stunning young woman with a perfect body. He’d noticed the way she looked at him when her parents weren’t around and felt quite sure she would be quite receptive to his sexual advances.

He thought he’d find a way soon to talk to Abner about having sex with Hannah. He thought Abner would be quite willing to let him fuck Hannah, if he agreed to let Abner fuck his daughter, Naomi, in exchange. He knew Abner wanted to fuck Amanda and Naomi looked like Amanda’s younger sister. All three of his daughters looked like their mother’s younger sisters since Amanda still looked like she was in her late twenties or, at most early thirties, even though she was almost forty.

John was hoping the other men in his home group would let their daughters have sex with him and he knew he would have to let his daughters have sex with them in exchange. He didn’t think Patricia would be willing to let other men fuck her. He knew she was in love with him and wanted to have babies for him. He didn’t want to ask her to let Abner or any of the other men fuck her. He thought she would refuse and be deeply hurt because he had considered the possibility of letting another man fuck her.

The truth was, he didn’t want Patricia to let other men fuck her, he wanted to keep her all to himself. He was going to ask her to become his second wife and have children for him. He was hoping she would want to have a family with him. He wanted her to be his second wife and was hoping he could convince Amanda to let him take Patricia as his wife.

John doubted that Patricia would ever let any other man fuck her, but he thought Naomi would be willing to let Abner, and probably others of his friends, fuck her since she was kind of wild where the topic of sex was concerned, and wasn’t in love with him—at least he didn’t think she was in love with him, but he hadn’t talked to her about letting him fuck her yet so he couldn’t be sure how she felt about him.

He hadn’t taken her virginity yet, but she’d made it quite plain that she expected him to deflower her in a week or two, after his ardor for her older sister, Patricia, cooled somewhat. He fully intended to take her virginity—or pop her cherry as she put it—as soon as Patricia was willing to let him fuck her sister. He was aware, from the way Naomi had reacted when he approached her sister, that she expected him to take her virginity soon and he wanted to keep her happy.

John knew Naomi, his second born daughter would probably insist that he fuck her before long, but for the time being Patricia was all he could handle. She wanted him to fuck her all the time, and was very resourceful when it came to finding excuses to be alone with him and have sex. She even came to his bed in the morning and let him fuck her in his bed which seemed to excite her very much and made the sex very hot.

He was actually a bit tired from giving her what she wanted all the time, but he wasn’t about to complain. He got it up for her and fucked her whenever she asked for sex. He didn’t have to ask her for sex after the first time, she came to him and told him she wanted him to fuck her and he readily complied with her wishes.

He knew she would cool down some time soon, but there wasn’t any chance he was going to tell her ‘no’ when she wanted sex—maybe if he was completely exhausted, too tired to get it up for her, he’d have to tell her he wasn’t able to fuck her, but he didn’t think that would ever happen. Just her presence aroused him so much he couldn’t resist her. He had to constantly resist the urge to take her clothes off and fuck her. It was like he’d been with her mother when he first began fucking her, he couldn’t leave her alone. He had to put his hands on her body every time she was close to him, and he fucked her every chance he got.

Naomi had been on her best behavior since her father had approached Patricia in the kitchen a week earlier. She was getting very anxious. Before he took Patricia into the woods and fucked her he’d promised Naomi he’d have a talk with her soon. Naomi wanted him to take her to the woods and take her virginity. She’d been looking forward to it all week and was aroused almost all the time.

As she stood at the kitchen counter preparing food for the family, her pussy was so wet she was oozing her lubricating juice into the crotch of her panties. She was very hot for her father. She wanted his cock and she was tired of waiting. She thought she had waited far too long, after all it had been a year since she turned eighteen and she was still a virgin.

Lots of her friends had lost their virginity years before, many of them had given their virginity to one of the older boys they knew. Naomi had resisted the advances of all the boys and several grown men, but now she was ready for sex, and her daddy had promised her he would pop her cherry for her. She was tired of waiting.