Breeding Rebecca Eighteen-year-old college freshman, Jason Morrison, was fascinated by his beautiful younger sister, Lena. She was two years younger than he was and he adored her. They were very close and always looked out for each other. They never fought and everyone thought their relationship was a perfect example of what a sibling relationship should look like.

Jason was always very protective of his sister. It was widely known among those who knew him that if anyone so much as touched his sister against her will; Jason would make them pay dearly. He was frequently in the Principal’s office, but his friends always were able to explain to the Principal that he was not the aggressor, so he didn’t get into trouble. The Principal always wound up concluding that he was defending his sister, and maybe he was a little over zealous, but he didn’t pick the fight he just stood up for his sister. He never was punished for fighting.

Jason had been obsessed with his sister ever since she was born when he was two years old. Of course, he was too young to know what had happened but he was captivated by the small wiggly, pink thing his mother had suddenly acquired. He spent a lot of his time standing beside her crib just looking at her. He had tried to touch her but his mother had told him that he shouldn’t touch her because he might hurt her so he didn’t touch her.

He had noticed that his mother was much slimmer now than she’d been the day before the little pink being had arrived. He asked his mother about it, but his mother started talking about a snack and he soon lost interest in why she was so much slimmer than she’d been a couple of days ago. He didn’t make the connection between the sudden appearance of the little wiggly thing and his mother’s sudden loss of the big bulge in her belly.

When Lena began to mature sexually around age twelve theThe siblings were inseparable from the time she began to walk. They played together and seldom had a disagreement. Everyone was very impressed by how considerate they were of each other. They obviously cared for each other very much.

re began to be subtle changes in their relationship. They were still inseparable and Jason fiercely protected her especially from other boys. He wouldn’t let a boy touch her and if one did while he wasn’t around and she told Jason she didn’t like what the boy did Jason punished the offender severely and made sure he knew why he was being punished. There were very few repeat offenders. Most boys learned by their first mistake.

Soon Jason began to fondle his sister. She trusted him completely so she allowed him to touch her all over whenever he wanted to. She found that his touch made her feel so good that she responded eagerly to his touch and began to ask him to touch her and tell him what how she wanted him to touch her. They both very much enjoyed touching each other intimately.

They didn’t think of what they were doing as sexual foreplay, but that’s what it was. They kept each other in an almost perpetual state of sexual arousal when they were alone together. By the time Jason was eighteen, they had been enjoying each other’s touch for several years, but they had not yet progressed beyond touching and kissing.

Jason very much wanted to fuck his sister, but she was still resisting his urging. She wanted to wait, and he respected her wishes. He had never tried to force her to do anything, and sex with her was so important to him that he’d never even considered the possibility of forcing her to let him fuck her before she was ready. He intended to wait for her no matter how long it took. He knew she’d let him take her virginity when she was ready. He was obsessed with having sex with her, but she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of letting him take her virginity yet, so he was holding his urges in check.

She wasn’t ready to let him fuck her, but she allowed him to touch her whenever he wanted to. Yet she was shy about letting him look at her naked. He wanted to look at her so when he was home from school on the weekends he would peek at her through the bathroom window while she was taking a bath. He would look in the window and masturbate. He wanted his sister so much he almost never thought of any other girl.

One night the next-door-neighbor Carla saw him peeking in the window, and decided he needed a woman and that it was time she did something about it. She had been watching and knew he was aroused by what he saw through the window. She wasn’t happy with what her husband was giving her and she wanted her strapping young next door neighbor to give her what she needed. So she decided to go take care of his needs and satisfy her own sexual appetite while she was helping him satisfy his.

She very quietly went outside and snuck up on him. When she was right next to him she whispered, “It’s Ok Jason. It’s Carla from next door. I’ve been watching you and I know you need a woman. If you want to fuck me I’d be very happy to take care of you.”

When he looked at her with a startled expression and didn’t say anything she continued, “Don’t worry my husband is on the night shift and I need a cock. Your big cock looks mighty good to me. Here let me give you what you want.” She was wearing a loose sack dress that came down to mid thigh and, from the look of her hard nipples poking against the thin cotton material, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She took his right hand off his stiff cock and slipped it up under the short skirt of her dress. She held it against her hot pussy, which was bare and dripping wet with her vaginal secretions, and moaned deep in her throat.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. Her pussy was very wet and warm. She was grinding it against his hand. His mind was reeling, and when he felt his fingers slip into her slit, he began to probe for her vaginal opening. He found it and slid two fingers into her causing her to moan loudly, buck against his hand hard, and moan again, but not so loudly. She was moving her hips, fucking herself with his fingers and letting out a soft little cry every time they went deep inside her pussy.

He had been about to come when she startled him. The urge to some had subsided when she scared him, but it was back with a vengeance as he felt her hot pussy sliding up and down on his fingers. He was about to go over the edge. He wanted to put his cock inside her instead of his fingers. He groaned and said, “Oh god Carla, your pussy is soaking wet. Are you wet for me? You’re making me want to fuck you. Is it OK for me to fuck you? Can I fuck you right here?”

“Oh yes, Jason. I’ve been watching you for weeks and I get so hot when I see you jacking yourself off that I have to play with myself, but that’s not good enough anymore. You’re right next door and you obviously want a woman—need a woman. I need a man and I want you to fuck me. Let’s help each other. I want your cock inside my pussy so much I’m hurting.