Nelson went to the guest bedroom and woke Kimberly. When he asked her if she wanted him to have sex with her, she threw off the covers and spread her thighs. He entered her and moved inside her hard until she came. Then he slowed his motion and thrust into her slowly as she had one orgasm after the other. Finally he came with her and relaxed on top of her.

When her orgasm subsided he asked her to spend the night and possibly the weekend with him. She tightened her arms around him and hugged him as hard as she was able. She was lying under him with his partially stiff member buried deep inside her sore but gently pulsating sex. His half-hard member was still jerking occasionally, injecting small amounts of his cum into her, as they lay together quietly recovering from their latest orgasms. They were waiting for his member to fully harden so he could have sex with her again.

She smiled brightly and said, "Oh yes Nelson I'd love to spend more time with you! I'm sure my brother will be happy to stay as well especially if it means he'll get to get into Annie some more. I think he likes sex with her a lot. He's been lusting after her for a long time. I don't think he's ever let her know but he's been hot for her body for months.

He told me that getting a chance to have sex with Annie was the main reason he wanted to come to the party. If he hadn't had the hots for her I probably wouldn't be here. He'd have begged off when his girlfriend got sick and couldn't come with him.

He asked me to come because he didn't want to miss out on the chance to have sex with Annie. I wasn't sure I wanted to come but I didn't want to make him miss a chance to have sex with Annie if he wanted her so much. He is invited isn't he? I'll stay even if he isn't invited but I won't have a ride if he goes home before I do. How would I get home?"

"Yes, of course he's invited and I hope he'll stay but if he isn't able to, or doesn't want to I'll understand. If he doesn't stay it'll make things awkward since I'm sure Annie will want a man to spend the night at least. She'll probably want a man to spend the weekend with her if you stay for the weekend and I sure do want you to stay all weekend.

"In any event, you don't need to worry about getting a ride home. I'll take you home when you're ready to go. I hope you won't want to go home anytime soon. I'm assuming that your parents will be Ok with you staying here as long as you like.

"I've already asked Annie if it's alright with her for your brother to stay and she said yes. I know she wants a man to stay overnight and she may want two men if your brother can't stay and if so there may be five of us. That will make it very awkward because we only have two bedrooms.

"Besides I don't want to share you with anyone and if there are three men and only two girls there would be a lot of pressure to let all three of the men have sex with both of the girls. I don't want anyone else to have sex with you Kim, but we'll have to deal with that issue when it arrises?if it does."

When Nelson finally paused Kimberly frowned and said, "My parents will probably be unhappy with me whether I stay or not. They wouldn't have approved of my coming here in the first place. They will probably give my brother hell for bringing me if they ever find out about the party. They think I'm at my girlfriend Dianna's house.

"The fact is though, I'm eighteen and so I'm an adult and they can no longer control my activities. They'll get over it. I hope my brother doesn't get into too much trouble over it but that's his problem. He really shouldn't have brought me here, but I glad he did.