Breeding Rebecca After the home group meeting Wednesday evening, John lay awake far into the night thinking about what he could do to find a way to enjoy sex more often than his wife was willing to let him enjoy the pleasures of her body. He didn’t think she would relent, he’d used every tactic he could think of to convince her that she should have sex with him more often with no success. So, he concluded that he wasn’t going to get any more sex from his wife than he was getting, which was much less than he wanted. He decided that the only way to have sex more often would be to find another, more willing, partner.

That conclusion set him off on a completely different train of thought, and he soon he had an inspiration. It occurred to him that he had several potential sexual partners, other than his wife, in his own family. He had a twenty-year-old daughter, another daughter nineteen, and one who would turn eighteen in a few months. He agonized for some time and eventually, and eventually decided to take a radical step. His daughter, Patricia, was twenty, and he thought she was ready for sex. He reasoned that the best way to avoid having her get pregnant by one of her brothers or some man who took advantage of her sexual vulnerability, would be to seduce her himself, and take care of all her sexual needs. Fucking his beautiful daughter, Patricia, would solve two problems at the same time.

He would get more sex, and he thought it would be wonderful sex, since his daughter was young and very attractive. He’d realized earlier that she was maturing into a very beautiful young woman he was attracted to sexually. He’d even had thoughts of fucking her, but he’d suppressed those thoughts. Now fucking her seemed to be the perfect solution to several problems, she would be satisfied sexually so she would stay with him instead of going to someone else for sex, he would be able to satisfy his own hunger for more sex, and Amanda would be happier since he wouldn’t be pestering her to have sex all the time.

He wondered why he hadn’t thought of fucking Patricia before. He’d always thought of fucking his daughters as incest, and that was strictly taboo, end of thought, but now, it seemed that it was clearly the ideal solution to his problem—and potentially hers too. He thought it could be the solution for all the other men in his home group as well. They all had daughters old enough to consent to have sex, and they were probably ready for sex.

Actually, he’d fantasied about fucking some of them himself. Abner’s twenty-year-old daughter, Hannah, was gorgeous and she looked at him the way Amanda had looked at him twenty-five years ago when she first began to want to have sex with him. He thought Hannah would jump into his bed if he gave her the chance, and he was beginning to consider asking her for sex. He wondered how Abner would feel about that. He thought he’d ask Hannah first and then worry about Abner if she was agreeable. He knew he could take her without her father’s consent, but he was sure Abner would tell the Bishop if he found out Hannah was letting him fuck her without asking him if she could. He was sure he would very much enjoy sex with Hannah, but he didn’t want to cause problems in his home group or the whole church, so John knew he would have to get Abner and his wife to agree to allow their daughter could have sex with him.

On Thursday at work, John thought a lot about ways to get his twenty-year-old daughter, Patricia, alone with him for a long enough to seduce her. He didn’t think it would be hard to get her to agree to have sex with him, but he didn’t want to just grab her, pull her panties down, jam his cock inside her pussy, and fuck her. He wanted her first time to be special for her, and he wanted her to get as much pleasure as he could give her from the experience. He thought that if the first time he fucked her was enjoyable enough for her, she would want to have sex with him all the time. The whole scheme depended on managing to find a way to be alone with her for a long enough time to take her virginity, and please her. It really mattered to him that he take enough time to take her virginity—he was sure she was still a virgin, but he didn’t think she would be much longer—lovingly and gently, and give her a lot of pleasure.

He wanted her to enjoy her first time with him. He wanted her to enjoy sex with him so much that she would want to have sex with him for a long time. He hoped she would only want to have sex with him, but he knew she’d want to marry and have children before very long. He had to face that reality, but by the time she found a man she wanted to marry, he hoped he’d have made such an impression on her that she’d want to let him fuck her even after she married. He even had hopes that she would let him father children for her when she was ready to get pregnant.

At lunch time, John asked for some time off Friday morning. He said a family problem had arisen that he needed to take care of. That was absolutely true, and he didn’t feel guilty for using it as an excuse. His supervisor told him it would be alright, if he could work a couple of hours after his normal shift ended. John eagerly agreed to work after his shift as long as he was needed to make up for the time he missed in the morning, and everyone was happy with the arrangement.

Friday morning after breakfast, Amanda took all the younger children into the living room for school. John was left in his kitchen with Patricia and Naomi, who were cleaning up the kitchen. He watched his beautiful daughters as they worked. They were both stunning blue eyed blondes. Patricia was wearing a short sundress of a gauzy, yellow material that was almost transparent. He thought it was new and it was very flattering. It was a perfect color for her and it showed off her body to devastating effect. He could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He was hard and could hardly stand to take his eyes off her supple body. His younger daughter, Naomi, was wearing a similar short sundress of a light blue material that was almost as revealing. He could see the contours of her very trim and arousing body through the thin material and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything under it other than very possibly skimpy tong panties—or perhaps no panties at all.

He thought their clothes were very racy for girls who were members of a very strict church, but he wasn’t about to complain, he was very much enjoying the view. He would have been worried if they were going out in public in such clothing. Any man who saw one of them would want to have sex with her, and they might be sexually assaulted, but he knew they weren’t going outside the family compound so he watched them clean up the kitchen. They were arousing him and he had already been hard because he was thinking about approaching Patricia and asking her to let him have sex with her.

When the girls finished cleaning up the kitchen, he asked Patricia to go for a walk with him. He said, “You have some time before you need to start getting lunch ready. Naomi can take care of anything your mother or one of the children needs until you get back. I only need to talk to you for an hour or so. It’s been too long since we had a good talk, and I feel like I’ve lost touch with you. I want to catch up on how things are going for you, and ask you about something I’ve been thinking about.”

He turned to Naomi and said, “We’ll be back in an hour, or two at the most. If you need us just call us from the back door. We won’t be far away, and we’ll come back quickly if you need us, but please don’t call us unless it’s important. I really need to have a serious talk with Patricia.” He smiled at his second oldest daughter and said, “I want to have a serious talk with you too, but not today. We’ll find a time in the next week or so."