“Am I too big Stacy? I don’t want it to be painful for you. I want you but we can wait and get something to lubricate you and make it easier for you to take me inside you. I can wait if it hurts you too much. I know the water is washing away a lot of your juice so it’s harder for me to enter you. Do you want to wait? Is it too painful?”

“Oh Gerald, you're stretching me painfully but it felt very good as it went into me in spite of the pain. I don’t want you to take it out of me. It’ll be alright soon. Just give me a little time to get used to it. It’s getting better already because I’m relaxing some.”

She sighed, smiled at him, kissed him hungrily again and said, “My god you're big Gerald. You're bigger than Tommy is, well thicker anyway, and that’s why you’re stretching me more than he did. I thought he was big, his is as long as yours, but yours is so thick!

“It’s very good Gerald. I love the way you're stretching me and filling me so full. It feels really good now. The pain is almost completely gone now.

“I’m so glad we got together Gerald I’ve wanted you in me ever since I first saw you back at church. I love to have you in me. It feels so good inside me.”

He began to move inside her. He was pulling out of her by helping her lift herself up as she rose up on his shaft and then letting her down again, forcing himself far up into her tight opening. She was getting more and more comfortable with him inside her widely stretched opening.

She began to roll her pelvis as she bounced herself up and down rapidly making him moan and begin to pant as he bucked his hips trying hard to match her rhythm. “Keep doing it like that Gerald. Keep jamming up into me that way. You’re doing it just right for me Gerald. It’s so good Gerald. Oh god, I want to come, keep doing it like that and I’ll come soon.”

They were energetically moving together and soon she gasped and then screamed as her orgasm took control of her whole body. Her opening clenched spasmodically on his shaft and she was screaming and moaning continuously.

“Oh Gerald it’s so good. I feel wave after wave of pleasure flowing through me. It’s making me clench down there. Oooooh god it’s good. Oh god I love what you’re doing to me Gerald. Can you feel me clenching? I’m clenching on purpose now. I’m clenching hard over and over as fast as I can.”

“Oh yes I feel it Stacy. Keep doing that and I’ll come soon.” He began to groan each time she clenched on his shaft and soon came as far up inside her as he could reach. His member jerked with each spurt of cum. He grunted loudly and moaned as his orgasm gripped him.