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The skirt was so short that when she’d bent down to pick up another present she ‘accidentally’ fully exposed the crotch of her thong panties for several long seconds. She was fully aware that her Daddy was behind her looking at her exposed rear and could see the swollen contours of her smoothly shaved vulva pressing against the thin, very damp nylon pouch that held her pussy n the space between her very shapely, well tanned thighs.

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She was doing her best to arouse him. She knew that the way she was kneeling, when she leaned forward at the waist, her miniskirt rode up in back so that her bottom was completely exposed since her thong panties covered almost nothing. She pretended to have a hard time making up her mind which package to open next while slowly waggling her, nearly bare, ass in front of him all the while. She was trying to get her father so aroused that he’d wind up taking her panties off, taking her virginity, and fucking her properly. The thought of his large cock inside her pussy was making her pussy juice flow, getting the already soaked crotch of her panties wetter and wetter.

She didn’t fully understand what had come over her but she knew that recently she wanted his attention all the time. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted him to fuck her, but she knew she wanted him to notice that she was grown up. She wanted him to see how her gangling preteen body had developed into a most attractive teen hard body oozing sex from every pore. She was beginning to realize that she wanted him to see her as a very desirable sexual partner.

She envied her mother since she knew her father fucked her mother almost every night. She didn’t want to take him away from her mother, she was willing to share him, but she wanted him to notice her and she thought she'd really like to let him have sex with her. She wanted to at least try it to see if she liked it.

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