Holikii spoke to Haioli who immediately stopped her motion. Holikii went to Ian and kissed his cheek to wake him. When he was fully awake she managed to make him understand that Kailia had been waiting for a long time for him to fuck her and he had to stop fucking Haioli and take his cock out of her so he could fuck Kailia. With great reluctance Ian very slowly pulled his cock from Haioli’s nice tight, very juicy cunt and rolled away from her.

By this time Kailia was on her knees on the edge of the sleeping platform with her hands between her thighs holding her cunt open as wide as it would go. Ian moved behind her and when he saw her holding her cunt open wide he decided that she would be able to take his cock without any trouble and it was clear that she was lubricating freely because her pussy juice was running out of her and down her thigh. He suddenly wanted her very much, and when he saw she was so ready for him he felt his cock get very hard. It felt really tight. It was as hard as he had ever felt it.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. Forgetting in his lust for her that she was still a virgin, even though she was as hot to fuck as he was, he suddenly thrust into her as hard as he could. She fell forward on the mats and screamed. At first Ian was afraid he had hurt her and was very upset with himself, but then he felt her cunt convulsing on his cock shaft and realized she was having an orgasm! He had done the right thing. She had been hanging on the edge of an orgasm.

He lifted her back onto her knees and began to thrust into her as fast and deep as he could. Kailia met his thrusts savagely, screaming as his cock head rammed hard against her cervix as his cock bottomed in her vagina as each thrust slammed home deep inside her vagina. Her cunt continued to convulse while her orgasm lasted for almost a minute.

He couldn’t believe she was a virgin. Of all the women he’d fucked, he’d never fucked one who was this hungry for his cock. He thought again that he was the luckiest man alive. He had two young goddesses who could fuck like you wouldn’t believe and their mother, who was a pretty fantastic fuck herself, had asked him to fuck them! It didn’t get any better than that!

Kailia had never experienced anything like this. Her whole body seemed to be convulsing. When Ian’s big cock thrust into her she felt like her vagina was on fire, or she had somehow burst or...she couldn’t put it into words. It was like no other feeling she had ever known. It was the greatest pleasure she could imagine. She could never have believed it could be this good and this was just the beginning she thought that it would get even better.

When Kailia’s cunt stopped convulsing as her orgasm ended, Ian relaxed a little and slowed his thrusting. He was pleased and amazed by how easily she had kept her motion synchronized with his rapid thrusts during her orgasm, and now Kailia adjusted quickly to his new rhythm. She moaned softly with each stroke as she rocked back and forth meeting his thrusts.

He could feel her cunt tighten on his cock every time he pulled out and relax slightly when he thrust into her. She was giving him exquisite pleasure and it seemed to be instinctive. He wondered if all the girls on the island could fuck like this. He thought he would be able to fuck any of the women he wanted since he had already fucked the queen and two of her daughters. It seamed he had really found a paradise. It was too good to be true but it seemed that it really was.

When his fast deep thrusting slowed a little and became more gentle she moved with him. She wasn’t sure how she had been moving in that wild initial burst. It was pure instinct. It had been marvelous and it was still very good. She decided that she liked having Ian fuck her a lot.

She kept her cunt as tight as she could while Ian pulled out and relaxed just a little when he thrust into her, rolling her hips and moving back to meet his thrust smartly so that the head of his cock pushed against her cervix with each stroke—that was the best part of the thrust. It sent tingles through her whole body and made her breasts hurt in a very pleasant way she couldn’t understand. She was amazed at how good Ian’s cock moving inside her pussy made her feel.

After what seemed like only a short time she felt his cock growing inside her and it seemed to be even harder than before. Ian was groaning and she knew that he must be about to come. She tightened her cunt and held it tight on his thrust as well as his withdrawal. She sensed that it would be better for him if she was as tight as possible. She could tell by his breathing and grunts that he was almost there! She moved faster and pushed back harder until he screamed.

She couldn’t believe how fast his strokes became! It was very hard to keep up with him and she was afraid if she lost his rhythm it would spoil his pleasure. He was crying out with each thrust and seemed in great pain but she knew it was actually pleasure he was feeling. That knowledge made her pleasure greater. She was glad she had given him such great pleasure. She was proud that she had pleased him. She had greatly enjoyed giving him pleasure with her body.

Holikii was proud also. Both her daughters had taken Ian’s cock like they were born to it and she thought they had fucked him as well as he had ever been fucked. They would surely be his favorites—very likely even ranking ahead of herself in his preference. She felt that her dynasty was secure, and there was still Mikihali who in a few more years would be as stunning as Haioli and Kailia surely she would captivate Ian when she was ready. Holikii felt very good.