"Oh Danny I want you so much. Can't you at least take my virginity? If you just go in me once and then just hold me with it inside me I think I could go to sleep with you. Let me suck you. I'll get you hard." She reached down and took his organ in her hand. "God Danny you're already pretty hard and I can't believe how big you are. Please take me. Go inside me just once and take my virginity Danny. I want it."

"If I go in you I'll try to have sex with you Em and I'm really too tired to do it right. If you want to suck me I'll eat you that should get you off again. Would that be enough for tonight? Would you be satisfied with that? We can do more tomorrow if you still want to but I'm really very tired Emily."

Emily scrambled around in the bed and took him in both her hands. She stroked him a few times and then kissed the head. A drop of pearly fluid oozed out and she licked it off. "Oh Danny! You're coming! I see your cum oozing out of you! Oh god that's such a turn on!" She lowered her head and took him into her mouth. She ran her tongue around his shaft just under the head and he groaned. He began to squirm under her mouth as she sucked on him and used her hands on his shaft.

"Oh Em that's so good. I can't believe you're sucking me. Oh my god it feels so good. Oh Em let me get to you. Move your hips and straddle my face so I can get to you. That should get you off quickly." She moved into the sixty-nine position and he sucked her swollen clit into his mouth.

She instantly went rigid and said. "Oh Danny I love that. Put one of your fingers inside me. I think my opening is big enough for one of your fingers. Oh yes! Oh yes! Like that! Move it in me Danny! Oh god it's good! Keep doing that. I'm about to come again. Oh…. Oh…. Oh…. My god it's so good. Oh Danny I'm coming!" She thrashed on the bed, her hips were moving so much that he couldn't keep his mouth on her clit.

She moaned and said through clenched teeth. "Oh Danny! Oh Danny! I love you so much Danny. I want you to take me but what you're doing is really good too." He managed to get his mouth back on her clit and bit down on it lightly. She screamed and he could tell she was having another orgasm. He held her clit in his teeth and she screamed continuously as she moved her hips causing him to pull hard on her clit.

Finally she stopped moving and lay still on top of him. He let go of her clit and started tonguing her. Her entrance was large enough for the tip of his tongue to go in as far as he could reach. He thought that there wouldn't be much trouble entering her. Her opening was partially covered by a thin membrane which he thought would easily tear when he pushed into her.

All of a sudden he realized that he had stopped thinking of convincing her to wait for sex. Instead he was thinking of how he would deflower her. He knew he was going to have sex with her and take her virginity but he also knew he didn't have the energy to do it properly tonight. That would have to wait for tomorrow or tomorrow night or even next week.

He was surprised that he had given in so easily. He realized he'd wanted to have her for years but had suppressed the desire because she was his sister. She was right having sex with his sister wasn't that different from having sex with his mother. Incest was incest mother son was no less incest than brother sister.