A Teacher's Decision The first day after the spring break his senior year of high school, David came home from his after school job at the auto parts store extremely excited. As soon as he opened the door from the garage he called to his mother to let her know that he was home. She knew right away, by the emotion in his voice, that he wanted her urgently. She felt her pussy clench hard and a new flow of her juice seeped from her pussy adding to moisture in the small, already sodden, pouch of fabric that formed the crotch of her thong, which barely covered her fully engorged pussy.

When he rushed into the kitchen he took her in his arms and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth, she moaned and clung to him, pressing her breasts and crotch against him. When he finally broke the kiss she felt weak in the knees and her pussy was dripping her juice like a leaky faucet into the crotch of her thong which was already soaking wet. She was hopelessly in love with him and wanted him to fuck her right then. She moved in his arms and tilted her face up, asking to be kissed. He kissed her hard again, making her let out a muffled moan into his mouth.

When she broke the kiss, in a throaty whisper full of desire, she said, “Something tells me you must have missed me an awful lot today, David. I really missed you too. I’d gotten quite used to being with you, for at least a quickie, as soon as I got home from work.

“It was really nice while you were home all the time on break. I very much enjoyed having a little time in bed with you before I had to start working on getting supper ready. I’ve become accustomed to having you fuck me almost every day as soon as I get home.

“I’ve been dying for you to get home and take me to bed ever since I got home; I’m really wet and ready for you. Do you want to take me upstairs to bed or would you rather go ahead and fuck me right here in the kitchen? I’m soaking wet and sooo ready for you to put your cock inside me and make me come for you. I want you, David. God, I’m so horny for you. I want your cock inside me. Please go ahead and fuck me right now. I want it!”

David tightened his arms around her and kissed her hard forcing his tongue deep inside her mouth. His hands were all over her smooth tight ass up under her short skirt, and on her smooth, very warm, pubic mound. He felt her wetness through her panties and when he slipped his fingers under the elastic in the crotch of her thong, they both moaned and he said, “I’m glad you’re ready for me, Mom. I can feel how wet you are for me. I can’t wait. I want to fuck you right here, right now!” He turned her around and bent her over the counter.

She reached back and flipped her skirt up over her back and he moved the soaked crotch of her thong far out of the way, across the right cheek of her ass, giving him easy access to her dripping cunt. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his stiff cock out of his underpants. She reached back between her thighs, grasped it and pumped it a few times, making him moan and push his hips forward. When she pulled his cock toward her juicy vaginal opening. He moved forward and they both moaned again when the tip of his cock slipped inside her vulva, sliding slowly between the slick inner lips of her pussy, beginning to open her tight, very juicy vaginal entrance. She sighed and whispered, “Oh David that feels soooo good!”

When the head of his cock was inside her, he rotated his hips forward forcefully, driving his rigid cock deep into her tight pussy all at once. She screamed, with a mixture of pleasure and pain, as his thick cock stretched her pussy open wide and her vagina began to convulse on his hard cock. She enjoyed letting him fuck her so much that she still had an orgasm almost every time as soon as he entered her. She was pushed over the cliff into orgasm when his large cock slid deep inside her. She was usually so aroused when he took her that the stimulation caused by his cock entering her vagina was enough to make her come, especially when he took her roughly from behind the way he was fucking her now. That was the way she liked to be fucked the most, so most of the time he fucked her that way.

He began to pound into her well lubricated pussy as hard as he could. Marcie had to brace herself with both her hands against the wall to keep him from driving her head into the wall as he thrust into her and jolted her whole body hard. She was meeting his thrusts, forcing her ass back against his lunging cock as hard as she could and moaning constantly with the pleasure he was giving her after the brief pain he caused when he entered her and stretched her pussy open painfully eased.

They were both panting hard and she was encouraging him to fuck her hard and moaning out her pleasure. He had fucked her savagely for about ten minutes and given her three powerful orgasms when he finally groaned from deep down in his throat. His body stiffened as he shot a large load of his cum deep into her pussy. He slowed his thrusting and gave her short very hard stabbing strokes as his cock jerked inside her. She came again for the fourth time when she felt his cum spurting into the depths of her vagina. He was filling her with his semen. When his cock stopped pumping cum into her, he collapsed on her back with his slowly softening cock buried deep inside her still rapidly convulsing pussy.

After he rested a short time, he pulled out of her and she stood, turned around and hopped up onto the counter. She sat there, panting hard, with his cum trickling out of her pussy in a steady stream, forming a small puddle between her trim thighs, and said between gasps, “Boy oh boy, you sure were wound up weren’t you? That was really great, David! You really gave it to me hard and deep. It felt like you needed me a lot more than if you’d just been missing me all day. You’ve never fucked me like that when you got home from work before. I know something exciting happened today. What got you so wound up David? Did Suzie change her mind and agree to let you fuck her? Did she decide to let you fuck her after school? Did she finally let you fuck her. Did she let you take her virginity today?”