Sandy thought about the scheme Jeanette had described to her. Jeanette wanted her to try to find out if her father Harland would be willing to fuck her and then marry her so he would be the apparent father of her children with her lover. She was at a loss about how to approach her father. She struggled with just how to approach her father for several days before she had an inspiration.

She decided she could enjoy sex with her father and help Jeanette at the same time. She would go home for the weekend and let her father fuck her. It would be a real treat for him since he wouldn't be expecting her and she would enjoy it too. She had been missing him since the thanksgiving break. After she had him sexually satisfied she would try to talk to her father about what Jeanette wanted him to do.

She decided to prepare him for the conversation by giving him a special evening Friday when he got home from work. She would dress very provocatively and fix a grand meal for him. She wanted him to be very satisfied in every way she was able to satisfy him before she brought up Jeanette's proposal.

She decided she would let him fuck her as soon as he got home. That wasn't just for him. She was had been horny ever since Jeanette told her she wanted to let Harland fuck her. She wanted her father's cock and she knew she'd get all she wanted.

After he fucked her the first time she would feed him some really good food. Then she'd let him fuck her again so he'd be fully sated sexually before she broached Jeanette's proposal. If good food and great sex didn't get him into a receptive mood for Jeanette's proposal nothing would.

Even if it didn't work out for Jeanette she would get to have great sex with her father. She had been missing her father's cock ever since she got back to school after the Thanksgiving break. She decided she would try to help Jeanette and enjoy her father in bed at the same time. She thought she would be able to talk to him about having sex with Jeanette if they were both sexually satisfied after enjoying each other and looking forward to another coupling as soon as they went to bed if not before.